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system Integration

In 1990’s, when commercial Internet service started and Windows started IP connection and browser as its standard function, attacks with malicious program named virus already existed. Now, those malicious programs extended the lineups to virus, warm or bot, and their purposes are changing to the money, the theft of confidential information, or the damage to the image, rather than the early purposes of the crime for pleasure.

As the today’s corporate security requirements are complex and covers a broad range, companies need to be involved in a wide range of activities like, defining the security policy, building security management system, and training the employees, by utilizing varieties of security products and services. Also, those security activities never end. Adoption of proper service and outsourcing the management works will contribute to the establishment of continuing job formation and processes. Outsourcing will bring the merit of easy adoption of the latest security technologies, as well as the reduction of daily workload.

Challenges and Solutions

Information security action asks for the multi-layer approach, rather than the single measure.


Challenge 1: Boundary Management

Defense at the boundary between Internet and corporate network is mandatory. The popular measures are Firewall and ISP. They block the unnecessary access to the corporate network, and protect against the malicious attacks. Those devices requires maintenance and updates after installation, but security solution will ease the customer's works on the devices.


Challenge 2: Web & Mail Security

Web and e-mails are indispensable to businesses. But they are not always safe, and web access control and unti-virus measures are required to block virus and malware. Also, posting the contents of social network service and bulletin board needs to be controlled to prevent leakage of confidential information. Those web & mail security are the matters that cast heavy burden to an administrator, but outsourcing will cut down on that burden.


Challenge 3: Blocking the Service Interference

There are risks of web service interruption, or mail service holdup, by receiving bulk attacks. It's said that 90% of e-mail traffic over the Internet is spam mail. Selecting spam mails from the normal mail will require large processing power, and removing spam before it reach to the company mail system is an effective plan.


Boundary Management

We provide the managed service of firewall and IPS, which form the fundamental security measure, along with the Internet connection and network connectivity devices. Outsourcing those gateway management together as a set, customers can make use of Internet connectivity, efficiently and effectively.

Web Security

We provide web security service which enable customers to control the access according to their company policy. This service provides detailed controls like access prohibition by site category, URL filtering, and Web virus protection. Easy migration is another key of our service, and customers can start using the service without changing user PC settings.

Mail Security

In addition to spam mail filtering, we provide mail virus protection. This service can includes the encryption of attached file, suspending of outgoing mail, for the protection of confidential information leakage. Also, our mail archive and outgoing mail monitoring will provide you more concrete mail security measures.