System Integration

IIJ Disaster Recovery Solution & Services

IIJ's disaster recovery solutions incorporate elements of redundancy, backups, and fault-protection, allowing you to recover data and operations instantly from any disaster to your business.


What is an IT Disaster Recovery (DR) Plan?

An IT DR plan is a set of procedures to identify critical IT systems and networks, prioritize recovery time and recover point objectives for disrupted systems and networks to resume and minimize any negative impacts to business operations. These include setting acceptable levels with solutions that allow for backup and recovery, off-site data replication and storage.


Value Propositions / Benefits of IIJ DR services

We understand the need to balance cost over having adequate protection for business-critical systems. IIJ’s team of consultants offers cloud-based DR solutions and services suited for each unique business objectives, achieving business and data continuity, high availability and increased operational productivity resulting in higher ROI.


IT & business operations continuity

Return systems, applications and data to their most recent and consistent state before an interruption.

Limit risk & negative impacts

Prevent business disruption and financial loss.

Meet SLAs

Restore business operations within pre-established timeframe.

IIJ DR Managed Services

  • Keep off-site copy of your data for compliance and audit purposes for required time period
  • Long-term data retention and archived snapshot backups to meet audit and regulatory compliance
  • Test patches and have an up-to-date sandbox environment
  • Duplicating your production environment to allow your developers to test versions before rolling it out into production
  • Spin a copy of your backup data and run analytics without increasing load on your production servers