Container DC


All-in-one package

The all-in-one "co-IZmo/I" container module includes critical components necessary for functioning as a datacenter such as racks, cooling system, UPS, PDU and fire detector (generators can be added optionally). All these components are pre-designed and pre-assembled in designated factories to greatly reduce time and cost for datacenter construction. "co-IZmo/I" can serve as a Tier 3 equivalent datacenter and its security and reliability are comparable to those of building-type datacenters.


Location Free

co-IZmo/I is equipped with an indirect outside-air cooling system which makes it possible to effectively keep out dust or corrosive elements. In addition, co-IZmo/I doesn’t require water, thus the customer can locate and set up co-IZmo/I under a wide range of environments.

Container Module “co-IZmo/l”

A cost-effective and location-free new generation center.

External appearance
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iij address

Matsue Datacenter Park

IIJ’s first commercial container data center

Standard and Regulations

Type : Tier 3
ISMS : ISO27001
EMS : ISO14001

IIJ and Container Data Center

By utilizing our previous knowledge and experience on design, construction and operation accumulated through the development of various container modules including co-IZmo/I, IIJ built Japan’s first commercial container data center with an outside-air cooling system in 2011. Today, more than 30 containers are in operation to manage one of the biggest cloud platforms in Japan.

iij c-izmo

IIJ Container Based Data Center

co-IZmo/I is a container module with the following characteristics that supports small to large-scale uses flexibly.