Cloud Backup Solution

Is it worth backing up data by yourself?

With business changing every moment every day, the amount of data that enterprises need to manage is ever increasing. Data is an important asset of enterprise which must be protected from various risks, such as virus infection, natural disaster, or even simple human error.

Maximize the benefit of Cloud!

1. IIJ Cloud Backup Solution

IIJ Cloud Backup solution is a low cost and high durability storage service that provides data archive, on-line backup, disaster recovery, and remote access. Moreover, since customer do not need to change existing IT environment (network) and installation of software, installation interval is shortened.

2. BCDR (Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery) Solution

In case of inaccessibility to headquarters from outside, our cloud service offer an alternative access to its back up data by using our own IIJ SEIL/x86 equipment. This allows you to maintain a minimum business continuity.