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IIJ is a Cloud Specialist Vendor providing end-to-end Cloud IT solutions & services to build, provide/facilitate, integrate/manage, consult and support every customer.


IP Transit (Backbone)

Problems and Solutions

Building the Ultimate WAN free of carrier or services constraints: WAN integration.

Problem 1
Telecommunications carriers tend to come up with more complicated service packages every year, making it very difficult to know which service selection is best.

Problem 2
Most vendors only sell equipment and fail to provide a detailed network configuration manual. Currently, there is no defined way to know what type of policies were used to design the network.

Problem 3
Network instability which causes work interruptions. Neither the cause of problem nor a solution can be properly identified.

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WAN Integration provides the following solutions to customer concerns:

  • Utilizing its expertise as a telecommunications carrier, IIJ interviews each customer, offering an optimal service package tailored to the customer’s needs and budget. IIJ also provide suggestions to best network practices, according to mission-critical/work solution systems and applications
  • IIJ conducts a preliminary audit of the client’s network, defining requirements and creating designs. After the new network has been completed, IIJ provides the client with detailed specifications
  • IIJ capitalizes on its wealth of network construction experience to analyze the cause of network construction experience to analyze the cause of network interruptions. IIJ then works to develop measures to resolve such issue

A Variety of Line Selection

IIJ considers requirements for availability, bandwidth, costs and other factors at each connected location, allowing customers the ability to flexibly select lines according to IP-VPN, wide-area Ethernet, dark fiber, etc.


Advanced Network Design/Operations

From conducting interviews/requirements definitions to design/operations, IIJ has amassed a wealth of network expertise, applying this knowledge to the individual requirements of its customers. IIJ creates coherent, highly reliable networks, including the installation and monitoring of CE routers.


Redundancy Compatible

By combining an Internet VPN utilizing ADSL or other broadband lines, IIJ's WAN Integration allows customers flexible options, including line selection/ discrimination according to the importance of the location in question, redundancy for important locations, etc. IIJ allows customers to experience cost savings, conversion to broadband lines, and automated backup during failures-all at the same time.

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