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IIJ is a Cloud Specialist Vendor providing end-to-end Cloud IT solutions & services to build, provide/facilitate, integrate/manage, consult and support every customer.


Private Solutions

Building a Perfect Private Cloud

Building a perfect private cloud

All administrator privileges given to customer. Ideal for building hybrid cloud for enterprise application - images positioned far apart.

Administrator Privileges

All administrator privileges given to customer

Customers are given administrator privileges for the vSphere environment, including vCenter. Customers can use all OS and applications that run on VMware. It is easy to migrate from the existing VMware environment and retain existing applications.

Ideal for Building Hybrid Cloud

Ideal for building hybrid cloud for enterprise application

Allows direct connection to the customer’s private network (closed network/IP-VPN). Customers do not need to change their network policies. We also provide a variety of menus and options to meet the customer’s diverse requirements.

What is a perfect private cloud?

Assign resources

Choose from among the VW Series resources (ESXi servers, data stores, VM communications networks)
*Established as the customer's resource pool


The cloud virtualization required for each system (generation of VM, dividing-off of storage, network assignment)

Build the system

Integration and delivery of the customer’s system (construction/testing)

Virtualization Cloud

Build your private cloud by leveraging a wide variety of IT resources as much as you need, only when you need.

Service Menu

Mix and match the following three resources to build a perfect private cloud.

Service Menu

VW Series main functions


Live Migration

Using vMotion, virtual machines can be migrated to other ESXi servers while still on-line. Maintenance without downtime becomes possible, thus reducing planned shutdowns.


HA (High Availability)

When using vSphereHA, the virtual machine boots automatically on another ESXi server when a fault occurs on the physical server, thus providing a high level of availability.


FT (Fault Tolerance)

When using vSphereFT, your system will have superior resiliency without downtime of the virtual machine or data loss.


Storage vMotion

The virtual machine can migrate to another data store without causing a service outage.

IIJ GIO VWseries

Guarantee your resource pool by selecting only the IT resources that you need, when you need them. Freely design virtual servers and Operating Systems, and create a system using cloud services that is as flexible as an on-premises system.

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