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IIJ is a Cloud Specialist Vendor providing end-to-end Cloud IT solutions & services to build, provide/facilitate, integrate/manage, consult and support every customer.


Hybrid Cloud Solution

Powered by IIJ GIO, the IIJ Hybrid Cloud Solution is the perfect solution to provide your business with greater scalability and security in data deployment.


Greater Data Deployment Scalability

Greater Data Deployment Scalability

  • Reduces demand on a private cloud by pulling resources from public clouds
Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

  • Private cloud element in the hybrid cloud provides security needed for sensitive operations 
Improve Cost Efficiency

Improved Cost Efficiency

  • Public cloud resources increases cost effectiveness
Hybrid Cloud Solution

Why hybrid solution?

Scalability; whilst private clouds do offer a certain level of scalability depending on their configurations (whether they are hosted internally or externally for example), public cloud services will offer scalability with fewer boundaries because resources are pulled from the larger cloud infrastructure. By moving as many non-sensitive functions as possible to the public cloud it allows an organization to benefit from public cloud scalability, whilst reducing the demands on a private cloud.

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