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Services & Solutions

IIJ is a Cloud Specialist Vendor providing end-to-end Cloud IT solutions & services to build, provide/facilitate, integrate/manage, consult and support every customer.


Business Consultancy & Solutions

IIJ provides professional business consultation and solutions tailored to address your strategic business considerations and roadmap to help you realize your business goals, now and in the future. With our strength in delivering high quality customer service and knowledge in providing solutions, we are committed to work with you to deliver the best solution in business goals.


Operating environment for global organizations is increasingly getting complex. IIJ provides customers with strategic, architectural, operational and solutions implementation that are focused in reducing IT risk and maximizes performance while navigating the complexities involved in building and operating a cloud to optimally achieve business goals.

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IT Roadmap

The current and future needs of businesses are the core of an IT Roadmap design, yet the design of an IT Roadmap can be really tricky. IIJ provides a consultancy service that guides business to a design for a dynamic IT infrastructure that can seamlessly integrate and grow to meet the changing business needs while ensuring that the aim of ensuring a balanced decision making process is in place.

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