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Providing High Speed 100 Gigabit Ethernet IX connection to "INTEROP Tokyo 2011 ShowNet"

Internet Multifeed Co.

Internet Multifeed Co. (MF), will be providing IX service "JPNAP Tokyo I Service" using 100 Gigabit Ethernet connection to "ShowNet"* at "INTEROP Tokyo 2011 (To be held at Makuhari Messe from June 8th to 10th). 

1. Overview Internet traffic in Japan has been increasing every year not only in the ISP's internal network but also with the traffic exchanged between the ISPs. MF has been considering providing 100 Gigabit Ethernet service at an IX environment together with Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ) and NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com) through the joint interoperability test. By providing 100 Gigabit Ethernet connection to gShowNeth and transmitting the Internet traffic in a production network, MF is aiming to grasp and analyze operational knowledge for deploying 100 Gigabit Ethernet.
2. Network Topology Network topology between "ShowNet" and JPNAP Tokyo I is as below.
Network topology 3. Future Plans MF will consider providing 100 Gigabit Ethernet service by end of 2011. 

* ShowNet 
One of the largest demonstration network for testing interoperability and presenting future architecture of the network. Internet connectivity of the participants of the exhibition and visitors of INTEROP is provided by ShowNet.