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Net Chart Launches "Antibacterial Platinum Coating Service" For Antimicrobial protection of IT devices

dl button PDF [33 KB] 22 June 2015

Net Chart Japan Inc.

TOKYO-June 22, 2015-Net Chart Japan Inc. ("Net Chart"), a LAN network construction company and 100% owned subsidiary of Internet Initiative Japan, Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774) -one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers-today announced the July 1, 2015, launch of the Antibacterial Platinum Coating Service, which will offer antimicrobial processing of IT devices. Net Chart will combine currently offered goods such as antibacterial LAN cables and other antimicrobial products with the new service to offer an antimicrobial solution primarily for medical institutions, nursing facilities, and schools.

Overview of the Antibacterial Platinum Coating Service

This service applies antimicrobial coatings for PCs, networking equipment, and other IT devices to keep them hygienic.(*) Using the latest technologies-including coatings with the highly antibacterial element platinum and photocatalysis, in which light is used to break down harmful substances and remove them-the service is able to offer a sustained antimicrobial effect that lasts for approximately five years.

(*) In an antiviral test conducted by a third-party organization and based on the JIS R 1706: 2013 standard, eight hours after a coated item's contact with microbes, these were reduced by around 99%. An antibacterial test based on the JIS R 1702 standard confirmed that microbes were reduced by approximately 95% eight hours after microbial contact, even in low-light conditions, and that, in conditions irradiated by light, the reduction was over 99%.

Net Chart launched the small-diameter, lightweight medi-patch LAN cables-which also excels in ease-of-wiring and antibacterial resistance-in March 2015. The company now also offers a variety of antibacterial products-monitors, mice, keyboards, and other IT products that come pre-processed with antimicrobial protection. With the addition of the new Antibacterial Platinum Coating Service, Net Chart will meet the need for hygiene measures in a variety of locations, indoors and outdoors, promoting the implementation of antimicrobial solutions in medical institutions that must reduce the risk of nosocomial infections, public facilities that are visited by large numbers of people, educational institutions, and others.