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Net Chart, Fuji Electric Cable and Panduit Launch Joint Venture in Narrow-Gauge Patch Cables

dl button PDF [88 KB] 29 September 2011
Net Chart Japan Inc.
Fuji Electric Cable Company Limited
Panduit Corporation

TOKYO--September 29, 2011--Net Chart Japan Inc.( Net Chart), a LAN network construction company and 100% owned subsidiary of Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, today announced to launch of a joint venture to produce narrow-gauge LAN cables with partners Fuji Electric Cable Company Limited (Fuji Electric Cable), a manufacturer and seller of fire-resistant cables, communications cables, LAN cables, fiber-optic cables, and devices and processed goods, and Panduit Corporation. Japan Branch (Panduit), a global provider of physical network infrastructure products.

The first product to be released by the joint venture will be the "eco-patch" LAN cable, a cable used in the PoE systems produced by Fuji Electric Cable and sold by Net Chart. The cables will use Panduit's new PAN-PLUG™ Modular Plug (MP528 series).

Narrow-gauge patch cables are still not widely used in Japan, but with their narrow profile and high performance, they are ideal for wiring in cloud data centers and similar high-density computing environments, so demand is expected to grow. The three partners have unique experience and technology that comes together to create industry-leading high-performance narrow gauge patch cables: Net Chart and Fuji Electric Cable developed and sold the original cable "eco-patch", while Panduit is a worldwide name brand in modular plugs.

The eco-patch LAN cable has been more than 150,000 shipped and released of the eco-patch6 since September 2010. The LAN cable conforms to the Category 6 standard and is used on PoE systems because of its precision manufacture and increased speed. The PAN-PLUG™ Modular Plug is a proprietary high-performance connector that is widely used around the world.

Net Chart and Fuji Electric Cable, Panduit will continue to work to develop innovative products and solutions for high-speed communications devices.

The "eco-patch" has the following features:

1. Category 5e standard cable performance achieved

Twisted pair cable standards use the Category 5e (*1) standard (insertion loss (*2) is 1.7 times the TIA standard (*3)).Speeds and other aspects of cable performance are the same as common cable.

2. PoE system compatible

In contrast with other narrow-gauge cables, eco-patch cables are compatible with PoE (power over Ethernet) systems (IEEE802.3af). PoE is a technology for supplying up to 15.4W of power over a LAN cable rated Category 3 or higher, and thus eco-patch cables can be used when installing IT equipment such as IP telephones, wireless LAN access points, and Web cameras, in locations where it is difficult to provide power.

3. Light-weight and easy to install

Compared to conventional Category 5e cables, eco-patch is about 30% narrower, with a diameter of just 3.7 mm, making it easier to run in the confined space of equipment racks. This small size makes it easier to manage and organize, resulting in clean, well organized wiring. The amount of copper used in the cable is also half that of conventional cables, so they are very light and put less stress on connectors.
The RJ-45 modular plug has an arch design to prevent the lever from breaking and helps to reduce cable wear during installation.

4. Safe

Cable casings use fire-resistant polyolefin, so even in the event of a fire, they will not release poisonous dioxin or halogen gases. Casings have superior fireproofing characteristics that meet JIS C 3005:2000 (incline test) (*4) requirements.

5. Eco-friendly shape

Because the materials and weight have been reduced by half that of conventional cables, the environmental footprint of production, transportation, and use have been greatly reduced.

(*1) A standard for twisted pair cables.

(*2) The loss that occurs when introducing parts to a relay system.

(*3) Communications wiring standard for commercial buildings in the U.S.A.

(*4) The grade of fireproofing commonly required in Japan

Exterior view of the new eco-patch

new eco-patch

PAN-PLUG™ Modular Plug (MP528 Series) features

1. Ease-of-use on par with conventional products
The arch design prevents the lever from breaking, and it is compatible with single wire or twisted pair, just like conventional products. In addition, the Panduit MPT5-8A crimper can be used.

2. Precision manufacturing
Improvements to the plug improves accuracy during cable processing, resulting in fewer defects and improved cable quality.

Exterior view of PAN-PLUG™ Modular Plug (MP528 Series)

MP528 Series

Comparison with conventional cables

  Conventional Cat.5e twisted-wire cable
Reference specs: Fuji Electric Cable TPCC 5 PATCH
(Narrow-gauge Cat.5e twisted-wire cable)
Conductor 24 AWG (7 strand/0.2 mm)
soft-copper twisted electric wire
28 AWG (7 strand/0.127 mm)
soft-copper twisted electric wire
Insulation Colored PE (thickness: about 0.19 mm) Colored PE (thickness: about 0.12mm)
Covering PVC (flexible) (thickness: about 0.45mm) Fire-resistant polyolefin (thickness: about 0.5 mm)
Total diameter About 5.4mm About 3.7mm
Estimated weight About 30kg/km About 15 kg/km
Cross-section diagram Cross-section diagram
Cross-section diagram2

About Net Chart

Net Chart Japan Inc. was established in October 2006 as an IIJ Group company. Net Chart provides equipment installation and configuration services, wiring for new network installations, application installation and management support for LANs as well as other network construction services, primarily in Kanagawa Prefecture.

About Fuji Electric Cable Company Limited

Established in January 1951 as a part of the Showa Densen Holdings Company, Fuji Electric Cable Company Limited manufactures and sells fire-resistant cables, communications cables, LAN cables, optical fiber cables, and devices and processed goods.

About Panduit Corporation

Panduit is a world-class provider of advanced solutions for optimizing physical infrastructure in terms of simplification, speed, and operating efficiency. Panduit's Unified Physical Infrastructure (UPI) solution provides total support for physical infrastructure to client's who aim for effective connectivity, administration, and automation of the integrated business infrastructure of communications, computing, control, power, and security.