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Let us loop you into our Cloud journey with Leap Solutions Asia

dl button PDF [73 KB] 05 April 2016

Bangkok -April 05, 2016- T.C.C. Technology Co., Ltd. (TCCT), Thailand's leading data center and IT infrastructure service provider, and Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI , TSE1: 3774), one of the largest Internet and enterprise Cloud service providers in Japan, announced that they have established a joint venture company, "Leap Solutions Asia Co., Ltd." in order to provide full-scale Cloud services in Thailand. The new joint venture is expected to finally harness Thailand to the leading market position in Cloud services in Asia within three years.

Remarks by Mr. Panot Sirivadhanabhakdi, Chairman of the Executive Board of Directors, T.C.C. Technology Co., Ltd.

"In line with the Government's policy, the TCC Group is strongly determined to make headway in promoting Thailand to become the region's Digital Gateway by applying the most innovative state-of-the-art Cloud Computing run on premium data centers to leverage the enterprise's performance in Thailand, Indo-China, and other countries throughout Asia. This is the reason TCCT and IIJ are collaborating and have founded Leap Solutions Asia Co., Ltd."

"TCCT continues its philosophy of partnering with alliances worldwide. Our carrier neutral data centers located in the region's most strategic location makes Thailand one of the most promising 'Hubs,' attracting huge investment as well as clustering knowledge and technologies from other countries."

"We are certain that TCCT's data centers as neutral data exchange hubs can attract leading global technology companies. Moreover, this collaboration marks an important alliance between TCCT and a Japanese company who not only invests in our country but also shares and transfers their knowledge and experiences of Cloud management, research and development (R&D) including experts from different regions worldwide to Thailand. Synergizing with TCCT's expertise in Thailand's data center market will result in mutual benefits for both companies, paving the way for the country's infrastructure service improvements and amplifying competitiveness in this dynamic Digital Era."

Remarks by Mr. Koichi Maruyama, Executive Officer - Global Business, Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ)

"Thailand is already one of the biggest public Cloud markets in the ASEAN region and shows great potential for enterprise Cloud services. With this promising background, we are pleased and excited to partner with the TCC Group, one of the largest and most powerful conglomerates in Thailand, and to play an important part in developing brand new Cloud services for the Thai market.

IIJ has been leading the market in Japan for about 25 years as the first commercial ISP. We originally launched resource on-demand services in 2000 and have been accumulating technical expertise regarding building and operating Cloud service ever since. Our skills in networking and know-how in building and operating large-scale cloud platforms are ranked at the top of the list in Japan. By leveraging these advantages, IIJ has been actively expanding its Cloud business to the global market and our cloud platforms are now spread across six regions worldwide.Since the Thai government announced its strong engagement in the Digital Economy in 2014, we have been seeking the chance to enter into the Thai market. TCCT owns robust data centers along with a high-quality network infrastructure and is a strong brand in the Thai market. From the very start of our negotiations, TCCT and IIJ had every confidence that we would be able to establish a mutually complementally relationship and capture new Cloud business opportunities in Thailand.

With these full-scale Cloud services never before seen in the Thai market, TCCT and IIJ are aiming to become the No.1 Cloud service provider in Thailand."

Remarks by Mr. Voradis Vinyaratn, Executive Director & Acting Managing Director of T.C.C. Technology Co. Ltd.

"TCCT is a pioneer of Thailand's IT infrastructure market. With two decades of industry experience and data center expertise, we aim to increase value in our data center business by offering Cloud services and expanding business caliber towards a regional scale. IIJ itself also wanted to expand their Cloud service frontier into Thailand. This finally led to a joint venture combining TCCT's strengths in data center and SAP Hosting with IIJ's advantages of being an innovative Cloud player. Leap Solutions Asia will be able to serve customers’ needs with a better Time to Market. This joint venture has an ownership percentage of 60% by TCCT and 40% by IIJ, with registered capital initially of THB 200 million. The new company is targeted to become leader of Thailand's Cloud market and subsequently drive Thailand towards Digital Hub in Asia within three years by later increasing investment to THB 700 million."

Mr. Voradis added, "Leap Solutions Asia is positioned as a leading Cloud provider for enterprises clearly aimed at Medium-and Large-Sized Enterprises (MLEs), the public sector, Japanese multinational corporations (MNCs), and the influx of investors into ASEAN Economic Community (AEC)."

"Leap Solutions Asia will be able to provide full-scale services by the second quarter of 2016, covering diverse Cloud services. Fundamentally we plan to strengthen the Cloud service by strengthening system stability and security, along with offering a Pay-per-Use basis for flexible cost management and educating enterprises on the benefits of using Cloud-based services to benefit their business performance. In the next stage, "Smart Cloud" will be offered serving all business types. The services will include Big Data as a Service (BDaaS), Business Process as a Service (BPaaS), and innovative Internet of Things (IoT). We have a strong determination that our innovation will lead to business transformation and rapid growth for enterprises."

In 3 years time, Leap Solutions Asia will be in the limelight of the Cloud market, enhancing business value for enterprises in Thailand and throughout Asia.

Company information of Leap Solutions Asia

Company name Leap Solutions Asia Co., Ltd.
Headquarters Bangkok, Kingdom of Thailand
Board of Directors Mr. Voradis Vinyaratn (Chairman of the Board)
Mrs. Pornpis Siripaipran (Director)
Ms. Nacharie Rujirat (Managing Director)
Mr. Hideshi Hojo (Director)
Mr. Koichi Maruyama (Director)
Initial Investment THB 200 million
Ratio of Investment TCCT60%、IIJ40%
Date of Establishment February 05, 2016
Number of employees Approximately 40