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IIJ to Provide the "Aterm MR04LN" LTE-Advanced-compatible Wi-Fi Router in its Mobile Services for Corporate Customers

dl button PDF [441 KB] 06 August 2015

TOKYO-August 6, 2015-Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, today announced the addition of the "Aterm MR04LN" mobile Wi-Fi router (manufactured by NEC Platforms, Ltd.) to the lineup of communications devices in its high-speed mobile data communications service for enterprises, the "IIJ Mobile Service/Type D" and "IIJ Mobile Service/Type DS" which use NTT DOCOMO's network. IIJ will start taking orders for the new router on August 20, 2015.

Highlights of the Aterm MR04LN

Compatible with LTE-Advanced and quad-band LTE

The Aterm MR04LN is an LTE-Advanced-compatible Wi-Fi router that provides high-speed transmissions by using carrier aggregation.(*) The device also supports quad-band LTE (2GHz, 1.7GHz, 1.5GHz, and 800MHz), delivering stable LTE communications throughout a wide area.

Capable of Bluetooth tethering that lasts a long time between charges

In addition to wireless LAN and USB connections, the router supports low-power Bluetooth tethering that delivers around 24 hours of continuous transmissions on a single battery charge.

SIM-lock free and dual-SIM capable

The router comes equipped with slots for two SIM cards, making it dual-SIM capable. Customers can switch between two communications services-for example, a work service and a personal service-as required, without needing to physically swap SIM cards.

IIJ will offer the router for use in IIJ Mobile Service/Type D (fixed fee plan L and three-tier pricing plan L) and Type DS (fixed fee plan L), both of which use NTT DOCOMO's LTE/3G network. IIJ also plans to offer the device for accessing its Type K service, which uses KDDI au's 4G LTE network, with a target release date in October 2015.

IIJ will continue to expand and enhance its lineup of services to offer its customers even greater levels of convenience.

(*)Carrier aggregation: A telecommunications technology that increases transmission speeds by simultaneously accessing signals of multiple different frequencies.

Service fees for MR04LN

IIJ Mobile Service/Type D

Plan Device type Initial fees Monthly fees
 Fixed fee plan L
Three-tier pricing plan L
Rental Plan A free JPY950
Rental Plan B JPY22,000 JPY22,000

(*) The prices listed above are for the device rental only. Communications line fees are not included.

(*) The minimum service term is two years.

(*) The prices shown do not include tax.

IIJ Mobile Service/Type DS

Plan Device type Initial fees Monthly fees
 Fixed fee plan L Rental Plan A JPY10,000 JPY14,000
Rental Plan B JPY32,000 JPY13,300

(*) The prices shown above include device rental fee and communications line fees. A separate universal service fee also applies.

(*) The minimum service term is two years.

(*) The prices shown do not include tax.

Picture of the Aterm MR04LN

Aterm MR04LN