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IIJ to Provide OEM Infrastructure for ISP and SaaS Provider

dl button PDF [105 KB] 19 December 2011

TOKYO -December 19, 2011- Internet Initiative Japan, Inc.(IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, today announced the release of IIJ OEM Platform Service, provide an OEM service infrastructure for ISPs, CATV and SaaS providers. The first step is the commencement of a mail service infrastructure, "IIJ OEM Platform Service for Mail".

IIJ OEM Platform Service for Mail is an OEM service that provided a highly reliable mail service operated by IIJ. With the service, customers will be able to provide their own proprietary brand mail service without having to build and operate their own system. Using high-performance, low-cost mail service, companies can implement a mail service for new businesses with the minimum investment in equipment.

IIJ began delivering this service for Cybozu,Inc. as a mail infrastructure of "Cybozu Office" and "Garoon" on "" from today.

With the diffusion of cellular phones, smart phones and other mobile devices, the use of the Internet is becoming more and more diversified. The viewing of mail and associated security policies are creating a need for higher level functionality. Furthermore, as service providers continue to cut down on service operation costs while trying to keep up with new functionality to address user needs, service development and maintenance is becoming more difficult. In response, IIJ has launched its own proprietary service as an OEM product.

The main features of the service are as follows.

Mail service infrastructure billed by the account regardless of the number of users

Along with sending and receiving email, the service has anti-virus, anti-spam, and Web mail features. For each account, there is a standard 1GB mail box provided. Fees are applied per account, regardless of the number of users.

All administrative functions are accessed via a Web interface

Administrators can add and delete mail accounts and change all settings through the administrative web interface, or the API. The service provider also has access to end user settings, simple log searchers, account domain administration, and other administrative settings through a web interface.

Leveraging the expertise accumulated from each of its mail services, IIJ has been developing a wide range of mail solutions to meet the diverse needs of its clients. This has allowed IIJ to acquire a significant share (19.4%) of the domestic SaaS mail security market in the year 2010*. Through subsequent expansion of its business lineup with its ongoing IIJ OEM Platform Service, IIJ will provide a high quality service to support the business infrastructures of service providers.

*Created on the July 2011 by ITR Corporation. Refer to the "Endpoint Security Market 2011 Report" for further details.

IIJ OEM Platform Service for Mail Basic Spec Outline

Category Item Description
Basic Functions Mailbox allocation 1GB
IMAP compatibility -
SMTP authorization SMTP Authorization Required
Email forwarding -
Conditional transfer According to the conditions set forward
Alias -
Email isolating Spam mail folder sort setting
IPv6 support -
Security Anti-spam Standard
Anti-virus Standard
Web mail Device PC, Smart Phone, Cellular phone
Address book -
Search functions Search by label, search by time