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IIJ to Launch IIJ GIO Storage Service FV/S with REST API

dl button PDF [155 KB] 01 June 2011

TOKYO-June 1, 2011-Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, today announced the release of the IIJ GIO Storage Service FV/S, a REST API cloud storage service that can be operated through customer applications.

This new service boasts several advantages.


Data can be saved by customer applications over the Internet

IIJ provides an API (*1) for the HTTPS/REST (*2) interface (equivalent to Amazon S3). This service, the customer's application connects to the storage infrastructure provided by the IIJ GIO Service through a dedicated API and is able to save various data over the Internet. For example, by integrating this service with a customer's web application, the customer can store photos, movies, and other large data files. It can also be used as backup such as location , and there are many more use.

SDK provided, engineers reduced the load

This service comes with a Java Software Development Kit (SDK) that makes it easier to develop software that complies with the interface specification. Even if the application developer has little experience with API development, the SDK can make the task much easier. This service comes bundled with a sample application that can upload and download files, create one-time URL, and perform other basic functions, and it can be used as-is as a simple online storage application.

Storage volume can be changed instantaneously online

Using the support page of the IIJ Service for corporate customers, called "IIJ Service Online," storage volumes can be changed instantaneously. Whenever there is a change in storage volume demand, the client can adjust storage volumes up or down.

Quality and stability for a fixed monthly fee

The storage infrastructure provided by the IIJ GIO Service is distributed in data centers located in Japan.This removes the problems associated with using overseas providers and mitigates the risk of delays during peak traffic times or poor support quality. The fixed monthly fee provides relief from concerns about data transfer volumes or number of requests.

IIJ is responding to the increasing need for high-quality, cloud-based storage services for corporate customers, and in addition to the IIJ GIO Storage Service FS/S (*3), we will be developing new storage services that also leverage the power of the API.

This service was developed as part of the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry's Fiscal 2010 Industrial Technology R&D Fund "for Next-Generation, Reliable, Energy-Efficient IT Infrastructure Technology Development Activities (Application Development and Testing for Seamless Distribution Using Cloud Storage)".

IIJ will actively expand the line up of IIJ GIO Service and provide our customers with quality cloud services for their business infrastructure.

(*1) API : Application program interface. A collection of commands and functions used when developing software for operating systems and middleware.

(*2) REST : REpresentational State Transfer. A software architecture for operating resources using HTTP and XML.

(*3) IIJ GIO Storage Service FS/S : Refer to the press release "IIJ Announces the IIJ GIO Storage Service" released on June 28, 2010.

Fees (tax not included)

Product Contract Volume Contract unit Initial Fee Monthly Fees
Storage volume 100GB to 1TB 100GB JPY20,000 JPY8,000 to JPY80,000
2TB to 5TB 1 TB JPY130,000 to JPY280,000
6TB to 10TB JPY320,000 to JPY480,000
11TB to 50TB JPY515,000 to JPY1,880,000
51TB to 100TB JPY1,910,000 to JPY3,380,000

* A JPY5,000 initial fee is required to change storage volumes.