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IIJ to Launch IIJ File Server Remote Backup for NetApp Solution

dl button PDF [31 KB] 04 August 2010

TOKYO--August 4, 2010--Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, today announced the October 2010 launch of the IIJ File Server Remote Backup for NetApp Solution, which will use the IIJ GIO Storage Service to deliver cost-effective, cloud-based storage services.

The IIJ File Server Remote Backup for NetApp Solution enables users of NetApp storage solutions to copy their NetApp data to the IIJ GIO storage via the network, creating a duplicate of their data at a remote site. This solution includes the storage equipment, the network connection between the customer's NetApp storage and the IIJ GIO storage, assistance reconfiguring the customer's NetApp storage, and the initial data transfer.

IIJ File Server Remote Backup for NetApp Solution has the following features.

Solution's features

1. Expand disk volume incrementally to meet current requirements

Taking advantage of the flexibility and expandability of cloud services, customers can start with small disk volumes that can be expanded when needed.

2. Choose from backup sites in both eastern and western Japan

The equipment for the IIJ GIO Storage Service is distributed over sites in both eastern and western Japan. This allows customers to choose backup sites that are remote from their current NetApp storage equipment, whether they are located in eastern or western Japan.

3. Make backing up easy with NetApps SnapMirror

The solution uses NetApp's data replication software, SnapMirror. SnapMirror's differential backup feature (only backs up data blocks that have been updated since the last backup) reduces the volume of data that needs backing up and reduces the time it takes to create the backup.

NetApp storage has a large share of the global NAS market, and it is used by many corporations in Japan as well. Many of these companies have looked into NetApp storage for remote backups as part of their business continuity plann (BCP) but have hesitated to implement it because of concerns about cost. IIJ has taken this opportunity to offer a low-cost, high-quality backup solution based on the IIJ GIO Storage Service, and thus assist corporations with their BCP measures. IIJ also has plans to offer similar solutions to customers of other storage solutions.

To facilitate the roll out of this solution, IIJ has established a sales alliance with NetApp's main channel partners ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation, Kanematsu Electronics Ltd., and Marubeni Information Systems Co., Ltd., and the sole distributor in Japan, Networld Corporation, which will make it easy for companies to take advantage of this solution.

IIJ will continue to actively promote cloud services for business, and to develop new cloud services and solutions.