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IIJ to Launch Biznet GIO Cloud Service in Indonesia

dl button PDF [401 KB] 26 May 2015

TOKYO-May 26, 2015-Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, today announced that it has founded a joint venture company with the major Indonesian communication service company Biznet Networks (Indonesian name: PT. Supra Primatama Nusantara; "Biznet") headquartered in Jakarta, as announced in IIJ's press release dated November 6, 2014, and the new company will launch its Biznet GIO Cloud service today in Indonesia. Prior to launch, the service had already been implemented on a trial basis at a major Japanese insurance company, a mega retailer and an Indonesian tobacco company among others.

Background and objectives

As one means of strengthening the global development of its cloud business, the IIJ established a joint venture with Biznet in January 2015, with the goal of making an early entry into the Indonesian market which is characterized by increasing demand for cloud services. Biznet is a member of the major industrial conglomerate MidPlaza, is the largest private communications carrier in Indonesia, and boasts a robust network infrastructure. The joint venture will leverage Biznet's broadband backbone network and IIJ's advanced cloud operation technologies to provide highly competitive cloud services to both local and Japanese companies.

Company Profile

Address MidPlaza 2, 2nd Floor. Jalan Jenderal Sudirman 10-11. Jakarta 10220 - Indonesia
Representative Ryu Kawano Suliawan, President Director
Capital (ownership) USD6,000,000 (Biznet 60%, IIJ 40%)
Established January 15, 2015
Opened May 26, 2015
Employees 20

Biznet GIO Cloud Overview

The Biznet GIO Cloud service was developed based on the operation and system architecture technologies which IIJ has built up over many years. The high quality and highly reliable service utilizes Biznet's broadband network infrastructure in Indonesia to minimize access delays.

The Biznet GIO Cloud offers two types of services: GIO Cloud, an auto-self provisioning public cloud service, and GIO Enterprise Cloud, a private cloud service for enterprises. Internet access fees are included as standard in both products, and the products offer connectivity through closed networks as well as over the Internet, for even more secure usage. Additionally, the public cloud service comes standard with a host of security functions (including firewalls and load balancers), offers 24/7 support, and provides a service level agreement (SLA) guaranteeing 99.9% server uptime.

GIO Cloud

This public cloud service allows for the simple and quick installation of virtual machines over dedicated portal sites. It is ideal for such applications as web servers and system development environment servers.

Service highlights

  • Functions and performance can be customized to suit the needs of the application
  • Metered rate structure based on usage hours
  • Hadoop option available for distributed data processing of big data

GIO Enterprise Cloud

The GIO Enterprise Cloud private cloud service allows customers to flexibly build environments optimized for enterprise system requirements. The service is ideal for a variety of applications, including core business systems such as production control and inventory control.

Service highlights

  • Provides customers with their own VMware environments
  • Provides secure, highly customizable, and flexible cloud environments

(*) For service details, see the following website.

IIJ will continue to expand the Biznet GIO Cloud service as it supports the expansion of its customers' businesses in Indonesia.

Biznet GIO Cloud Service Basic Specifications

GIO Cloud (public cloud)

vCPU 1-8 vCPUs
Performance index
(corresponding to GHz)
0.5-16 GHz
Memory 0.5-36 GB
Disk capacity 40 GB
Storage 1 GB and above
OS Windows Server (2008, 2012 R2)/Cent OS (6.6/7.0)

Usage fees

Starting at IDR182/hour, IDR132,860/month

(*) 1vCPU, 1GB memory
(*) No initial fees are charged
(*) Metered rate structure, billed monthly
(*) Internet access fees and data transfer fees(up to 1TB per month) are not charged
(*) Security functions including firewalls are provided as standard

GIO Enterprise Cloud (private cloud)
VMware vSphere ESXi5.5 Enterprise Plus Edition

Specifications Initial fee Fee/month
No. of CPU cores 12 IDR20,000,000 IDR19,600,000
Memory 128GB
Network bandwidth 1 Gbps, shared
Data storage 1 TB (FC) IDR11,900,000
2 TB (FC) IDR22,400,000