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IIJ to Introduce Three-tier Pricing Plan L for IIJ Mobile Service/Type D

dl button PDF [140 KB] 09 March 2011

TOKYO--March 9, 2011--Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, today announced the introduction of the new Three-tier Pricing Plan L for IIJ Mobile Service/Type D, one of the enterprise-class high-speed mobile data communications services of the IIJ Mobile Service.

Three-tier Pricing Plan L is a new fee plan that charges one of three pre-determined fees depending on the volume of data transmitted. Originally, IIJ Mobile Service/Type D had four rate plans--Fixed Rate Plan, Fixed Rate Plan L, Packet Share Plan, and Packet Share Plan L--but this new rate plan has three tiers: JPY 800 as a basic monthly fee that includes 3 MB of traffic, JPY2,800 for between 3 MB and 170 MB of traffic, and JPY 5,900 for 170 MB of traffic or above. This plan benefits those client's with infrequent use or small traffic volumes with a total of less than 170 MB per month, making for smaller monthly fees compared with existing plans. However, the maximum monthly fee limit ensures that client's whose usage is not the same from month to month can benefit from the lowest possible fees based on their usage for each month.

When using smart devices such as the iPad with the FS810WR wireless LAN router available with IIJ Mobile Service/Type D, the traffic volumes are relatively low, and with that usage environment, the Three-tier Pricing Plan L offers the best communications environment at the best price.

Used with services that allow for communications with a limited number of destination, such as IIJ Mobile Biz+, or services that use existing Internet lines for closed network connections via the corporate LAN, such as IIJ Direct Access, and became communications are limited to operations only, the result is smaller transmission costs.

Access to a mobile communications environment is indispensable for corporate BCP plans. The Three-tier Pricing Plan allows companies to secure mobile data communications lines that can be used in case of an emergency, and even if used for remote access and other types of mobile communications, costs can be held to a minimum.

IIJ will continue to offer new pricing schemes and features for the IIJ Mobile Service to promote corporate use of mobile communications.

Fee Schedule

  Fee Traffic volume Note
Basic fee (tier 1) JPY 800 3MB 3 MB is included in the monthly fee.
Tier 2 limit JPY 2,800 Over 3 MB but less than 170 MB Traffic is billed at JPY0.042 per 128 bytes, and the upper limit is JPY2,800 when less than 170 MB is used.
Tier 3 limit JPY 5,900 170 MB and above Traffic is billed at JPY0.042 per 128 bytes, and the upper limit is JPY5,900 for traffic of 170 MB or more.

* The above fees are for transmission costs and do not include terminal rental fees.
* The prices shown do not include tax.