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IIJ to Introduce LTE on IIJ Mobile Service

dl button PDF [27 KB] 07 December 2011

TOKYO-December 7, 2011-Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, today announced that it will offer high-speed communications standard "the LTE (Long Term Evolution)" available on its enterprise-class IIJ Mobile Service/Type D starting February 2012.

IIJ Mobile Service/Type D's LTE service will have the following features.

High-speed, low-latency mobile data communications

LTE and the IIJ Mobile Service Type D provides high-speed communications up to 37.5 Mbps *1 on the downlink within the LTE area. These speeds are much faster than those on conventional 3G connections, and transmission latency has been reduced to a fraction of previous levels. This creates a perceptible improvement in network speeds when using applications that demand a low-latency communications environment, such as access to operational systems and internal file servers, and virtual desktops, which makes it ideal for business use.

Use with other security services provides a secure mobile environment ideal for corporate users

The security solutions that IIJ provides to improve security on mobile environments are also available for use with LTE lines. Used in conjunction with IIJ Direct Access, it is easy to create a virtually closed network between the client and the corporate LAN using the Internet. When using the IIJ Mobile Biz+Service, the client can restrict communications to five global IP addresses or network addresses. LTE is expected to be useful in many business situations, and used in combination with these security solutions, it will be instrumental in reducing the security risks associated with various operating environments.

A new three-tiered pricing structure ideal for use with LTE

IIJ has been providing a three-tiered pricing structure, but when used with LTE, a special LTE three-tiered plan is available. This plan has three tiers of pricing depending on the volume of data transmitted. For up to 3 MB per line, the cost is JPY800(tier one), and up to 300 MB is JPY2,800 (tier 2), while anything over that will be JPY 5700 (tier 3). The traditional three-tiered plan is ideal for clients whose usage includes lots of mail and groupware; however with the LTE plan, data volumes are expected to increase, so the second tier was expanded to 300MB. Thus, IIJ customers can use an LTE-compatible service at a price comparative with traditional 3G services.

Smart devices with an LTE connection enable mobile working

There are plans to provide two USB mobile WiFi routers for LTE data communications. LTE Mobile WiFi routers can be used to provide high-speed mobile communications not only for laptops but also for wireless LAN enabled smart devices. Combined with a cloud service, IIJ mobile can be used for virtual desktops and a number of other environments.

IIJ will also make available LTE on its MVNE business *2.

IIJ will continue to promote the use of mobile communications for its corporate clients by expanding it services and features.

*1 In certain indoor areas, maximum downlink speeds of 75 Mbps are possible

*2 Mobile Virtual Network Enabler: Virtual mobile communications services providers

Three-tier pricing plan L fee schedule (for LTE connections)

    Fee Transmission volume Note
One-time fee Initial Fee JPY 20,000 - -
Registration fee JPY 3,000 - Charged per line
Monthly Fees Basic Fee JPY 800 3MB Charged per line. Includes up to 3 MB of data.
Tier 2 limit JPY 2,800 3 MB to 300 MB Charged per line. Traffic is billed at JPY0.04 per 128 bytes, and the upper limit is JPY 2800.
Tier 3 limit JPY 5,700 More than 300 MB Charged per line. Traffic is billed at JPY 0.04 per 128 bytes, and the upper limit is JPY 5,700.

* Prices shown do not include tax.

* A rental fee for the data communications terminal is required in addition to the above.