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IIJ to Introduce iPad to 1,000 PARIS MIKI Stores Countrywide with Remote Management via IIJ Smart Mobile Manager

dl button PDF [150 KB] 12 April 2011

TOKYO--April 12, 2011--Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, today announced that starting in January it would begin introducing iPad to about 1,000 PARIS MIKI eyeglass stores of PARIS MIKI HOLDINGS Inc.(PARIS MIKI). Along with the introduction of iPad, IIJ will introduce its high-speed mobile data communications service "IIJ Mobile" and its mobile access router "Mobile Broadband Access Point(*1)", to give iPad access to wireless LAN environment. IIJ Smart Mobile Manager(*2)-a remote administration system for smart mobile devices-will also be provided to remotely manage the iPad.

PARIS MIKI has developed an application that allows customers to create their own virtual eyeglasses using photographs of themselves, illustrations, and frame images as part of its overall store services to attract a younger demographic and augment their existing customer base. This in-house developed application and content are compatible with iPad and other similar smart mobile devices.

From a security standpoint, to create an Internet environment specifically for the iPad, separated from the stores' networks was essential. To resolve this issue, the "IIJ Mobile" and "Mobile Broadband Access Point" was employed to create a dedicated iPad mobile Internet environment. The mobile broadband network service is easy to establish, and even in cases where stores relocate to a different location, you can easily re-established the mobile Internet environment. New services can also be provided to customers via their own smart mobile devices using the stores' wireless LAN environment.

PARIS MIKI also strongly required means of protecting data in the event of theft or loss of the iPad from the stores. To resolve this issue, the IIJ Smart Mobile Manager was employed. IIJ Smart Mobile Manager can remotely lock or erase the data on any iPad that goes missing from the store to prevent information leakage.

PARIS MIKI chose IIJ when introducing the iPad to its stores because IIJ has the best total solutions ready to provide the iPad together with the mobile communications environment, iPad remote management, and other necessary services.

IIJ will continue to develop advanced solutions to enable the secure use of advanced mobile devices.

(*1) Mobile Broadband Access Point: 
The Mobile Broadband Access Point is a battery-operated, compact, and lightweight device that is compatible with 3.5G high-speed mobile data communications terminals.

(*2) IIJ Smart Mobile Manager:
The Smart Mobile Manager was developed for clients using the iPad and other advanced mobile devices for business applications, and it enables clients to remotely lock a device or wipe it (delete all data), or restrict certain functions, and manage applications settings. The terminals being managed only need to be registered via a dedicated Web interface to enable the client to easily manage the security and other features without special equipment. the IIJ Smart Mobile Manager Pilot Service was introduced in November 2010, and the full production version, IIJ Smart Mobile Manager, is scheduled to be released in April 2011.