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IIJ to Build Housing Industry Cloud Service, Jyutaku HIRoBA, with IIJ GIO

dl button PDF [74 KB] 19 August 2010

TOKYO--August 19, 2010--Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, today announced that the IIJ GIO cloud service will serve as the infrastructure for the Jyutaku Cloud Consortium's, Jyutaku HIRoBA, a cloud service for the housing industry.

Jyutaku HIRoBA was established on August 1, 2010, as a cloud service to help those in the housing industry--primarily small- and medium-size contractors and architectural firms--comply with constantly changing housing regulations, such as the Long-term Quality Housing Certification System. It provides CAD systems, sun-light simulators, construction record archives, and myriad other applications necessary to housing design in the form of SaaS (software as a service), and it also provides administrative support for the creation of construction drawings and application forms. Members of the Jyutaku HIRoBA pay a fee to use the system, which provides easy access to many housing design functions through the Internet. This service puts CAD and other advanced housing systems within easy reach of small- and medium-size contractors and architectural firms for a small monthly fee.

IIJ GIO plays a pivotal role in this service by reducing initial infrastructure costs, which in turn makes it possible to offer these services to smaller companies at an affordable price. At the same time, it provides the flexibility of an extensible server and network configuration that can accommodate future increases in membership and the addition of new applications.

IIJ GIO provides inexpensive services, such as virtual servers starting at 8,000 yen per month. It also has a rich service menu with over 1,000 possible cloud system configurations to meet the various requirements of existing corporate systems. Customers can select the server type and capacity of attendant resources (CPU, memory, disk space) as well as OS. There are also many options to choose from to create a finely customized system, from storage and network environment to security measures and administrative functions. The Jyutaku Cloud Consortium selected IIJ GIO precisely because of these special service features.

The Jyutaku Cloud Consortium also concluded a partner contract with IIJ on August 2, 2010, and as part of this agreement the two companies will provide application vendors free access to a test-bed environment to encourage the development of SaaS applications. In the future, IIJ GIO Storage may be employed to archive Long-term Quality Housing historical data.

IIJ will continue to use IIJ GIO to provide customers with an optimum network infrastructure that meets their individual needs.

About the Jyutaku Cloud Consortium

The Jyutaku Cloud Consortium was established on July 1 2010, by 14 CAD vendors and other support service providers to deliver ASP/SaaS services and other services commonly found in large companies to builders, contractors, and architectural firms. The Consortium was the product of the Wooden Housing ICT Council, whose parent organization is the Regional Wooden Housing Market Promotion/Selection Project under the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. Its purpose is to work with the ministry to promote the growth of the industry by improving the efficiency of and productivity of the contractors and architectural firms that make up its membership.

Honorary Professor of the University of Tokyo, Yoshichika Uchida, serves as honorary advisory, the Building Research Institute's Kiyonori Miisho serves as president, and managing director of the Institute of Housing and Urban Technology, Yoshiya Kato, serves as chairman of the board.