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IIJ to Add Mailbox Plus Option to IIJ Secure MX Service

dl button PDF [52 KB] 13 December 2011

TOKYO-December 13, 2011-Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, today announced the December 19 launch of the Mailbox Plus option for the IIJ Secure MX Service. The IIJ Secure MX Service provides the security features necessary to enterprise mail systems in a SaaS model, while the Mailbox Plus option gives the client access to a secure mailbox with scalable disk space and a Web mail feature optimized for use in a mobile environment.

Mailbox Plus has the following features

Large mailbox disk space

Mailbox Plus provides a mailbox with large disk space at a low cost. Disk space can be added in units of 10 GB to suit any usage needs. *1 The mailbox disk space can be shared with any number of users, which translates into less unused disk space compared with those services that assign a fixed amount of disk space to each user. However, the client can also restrict the amount of disk space available to any particular user, so that space can be allocated to suit the needs of different users, creating the ideal mailbox environment.

Support for POP, SMTP, IMAP, Web mail and other protocols

Mailbox Plus is compatible with various mail protocols, including POP, SMTP, and IMAP. IIJ has adopted TransWARE, Co.'s business Web mail "Active! Mail", which has had the highest market share in three categories for five consecutive years.*2 Users can access their email just as easily from traditional mail programs as from mobile phones and smart devices. SSL is provided for all protocols to maintain a secure mail environment.

Fully outsourceable secure mail system through IP address restriction

Access to mailbox through POP, SMTP, IMAP, or Web mail can be restricted to certain originating IP addresses. This makes it possible to restrict mailbox access to devices connected to the client's network environment, creating a secure mail environment on par with internal corporate mail servers. IP address restrictions and other mail account management settings are easily performed via an administrative Web interface, which keeps the same level of convenience with a fully outsourced mail system.

With the recent increase in corporate use of email services, mail system disk space use has increased commensurately. Unfortunately, viruses and other mail-born security threats have also increased, thus increasing the burden on mail-system administrators. The Great East Japan Earthquake has refocused attention on business continuity planning, with more and more companies looking to outsource vital business systems, including email. This in turn has raised the demand for secure, scaleable, highly reliable mail services.

IIJ's standard IIJ Secure MX Service has always provided a mailbox feature, but Mailbox Plus enables clients to completely outsource their mail system no matter the size company or usage needs.

IIJ will continue to develop services and features to support the construction of optimized mail systems.

*1 For disk space in excess of 10 TB, please consult a sales representative. Individual users may use up to 25 GB in mailbox disk space.

*2 SourcePod, Inc., Japanese Web Mail Market Report 2011.

Mailbox Plus Feature List

  • Mailbox
  • Additional mailbox disk space
  • Auto-reply
  • Mail forwarding
  • Web mail (Ajax, mobile compatible)
  • SMTP Authentication
  • Mailing lists
  • Multi-domain
  • IP address restriction
  • Disk space restrictions per mailbox
  • Account creation and deletion
  • Multiple system administrator privileges