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IIJ-Tech Releases Integrated Email Security Solution "iiMail Suite"

dl button PDF [47 KB] 03 June 2009
IIJ Technology Inc.

TOKYO--June 3, 2009--IIJ Technology Inc., (IIJ-Tech) today announced the July 1 launch of iiMail Suite, an integrated mail security solution for corporate mail systems that provides stronger security measures for internal compliance as well as basic system functions and mechanisms for preventing information leaks.

The iiMail Suite consists of four primary functions: mail server, mail archive/audit, misaddressing prevention, and encryption. Each function is a stand-alone application, enabling the customer to select only those features necessary for their existing mail environment. Regardless of the number of functions selected, all functions are managed from a web-based integrated administrative interface, greatly reducing the administrative overhead associated with user management and other mail system administrative actions. Compared with competing products, iiMail Suite provides a secure mail environment at 30% to 50% cheaper.

The iiMail Suite mail server function uses the iiMail enterprise mail system developed by IIJ-Tech using open-source technology. Mail archive/audit, misaddressing prevention, and encryption functions were also developed by IIJ-Tech, and combined with iiMail to create an integrated mail security solution. Below is a list of feature highlights.

iiMail Suite Features

Mail server(iiMail MailServer)

This feature provides basic mail functions and account management functions.
All administrative functions can be performed from the administrative interface, including account management and monitoring of the mail server status.

Mail archive/audit(iiMail Archive/Audit)(*1)

  • Archive function
    This feature archives sent and received mail.
    This is not just a repository for old mail. It provides high-speed keyword searching based on header, body, and attachment content. Messages that appear in the search results can be downloaded individually or en masse.
  • Audit function
    Customers determine the audit policy that is used to detain transmitted messages and maintain a record of audit activity.
    Audit policy can include keywords for the sender/receiver domain and mail address, as well as the body, header, or attachment files.
    Messages that meet the audit criteria are detained pending approval by a superior or a third party who can confirm the content via the administrative interface.

Misaddressing prevention(iiMail Caution)

Misaddressing is prevented by temporarily detaining outgoing messages.
Detained messages are sent after being checked for content by the user via the administrative interface. Detention policy can be set for sender domains, mail addresses, and the existence of attachments.

Encryption (iiMail Encryption)

Customer-specified policy is used to automatically encrypt transmitted mail messages and attachments. The recipient is sent a password by separate message to open the encrypted mail.
A fixed password can be set for each recipient domain or e-mail address. The system can also generate random passwords that are automatically sent to the recipient by separate e-mail. The available encryption formats include zip and the Camellia encryption.(*2)

Today's corporate mail system environment is shifting from a focus on strengthening security such as anti-virus and anti-spam measures, to emphasizing compliance. To meet these challenges and customer demands, IIJ-Tech has developed a system that combines iiMail and system integration. Customers currently using the iiMail Suite include Kinki University School of Engineering, The Hochi Shimbun Inc., and companies in the telecommunications and manufacturing industries. Our expertise and experience in building mail systems is reflected in our development of the iiMail Suite as a new solution.

IIJ-Tech will continue to improve our solutions in order to provide our customers with the most advanced systems.

(*1) This software includes the Dehenken library and MailCyclope developed by Dehenken Limited.

(*2) Camellia Encryption:A block cipher encryption method with a block size of 128 bits. It provides the same level of protection as AES but with high-speed encryption and decryption and low power requirements.Camellia is a registered trademark of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation.

iiMail Suite Price List (Licenses)

Number of accounts iiMailMail Server iiMail Archive/Audit iiMail Caution iiMail Encryption
1-500 JPY 3,750,000 JPY 1,182,000 JPY 1,113,000 JPY 1,113,000
501-1,000 JPY 5,250,000 JPY 1,512,000 JPY 1,336,000 JPY 1,336,000
1,001-1,500 JPY 9,000,000 JPY 1,842,000 JPY 1,604,000 JPY 1,604,000
1,501-2,000 JPY 2,172,000 JPY 1,604,000 JPY 1,604,000
2,001-2,500 JPY 2,502,000 JPY 1,897,000 JPY 1,897,000
2,501-3,000 JPY 2,832,000 JPY 1,897,000 JPY 1,897,000
3,001-4,000 JPY 3,432,000 JPY 2,483,000 JPY 2,483,000
4,001-5,000 JPY 4,032,000 JPY 3,044,000 JPY 3,044,000

About IIJ Technology Inc.

IIJ Technology Inc. (IIJ-Tech) was established in November 1996 to spread out IIJ's superior network technology and forward vision to provide the system building and operation services to fill customers' expectation. IIJ-Tech builds Internet business systems and corporate information systems, as well as builds and operates many systems for government and financial institutions and systems for e-commerce, financial transactions, ISP/ICP, extranets, intranets, and ASPs.

* IIJ absorbed IIJ Technology on April 2010.