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IIJ-Tech Rebuilds Intra-company Website of Daiwa House via Virtual Environment and Provides as a Service

dl button PDF [33 KB] 25 May 2009
IIJ Technology, Inc.

TOKYO--May 25, 2009--IIJ Technology Inc. today announced that it contracted with Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd., to rebuild their intra-company website using IIJ-Tech's Integration & Business Platform Service (IBPS) and virtual software and provide as a service.

Lowering costs

Daiwa House had been building its own systems in-house, including infrastructure and applications. However, the cost of replacing aging and no longer supported equipment was rising, and from a business continuation standpoint, they began to consider moving their internal infrastructure off the premises and into a data center. As a result of their search for a service provider that could meet their needs, Daiwa House enlisted the services of IIJ Technology because of its reputation for technological and administrative expertise and the ability to rationalize Daiwa's IT costs by outsourcing IT resources in the form of IIJ-Tech's IBPS and virtual software services.

Positive results

IIJ-Tech built an intra-company website for the more than 20,000 employees of the Daiwa House group using a combination of the IBPS Server Management Service (SMS), IBPS Data Management Service (DMS), and virtual software from VMware.
IBPS optimizes server resource utilization and provides a non-stop system 24 hours a day year round. Daiwa House reaped the benefits of this system immediately.

SMS and virtual software reduced server resource use by more than 60%

The Web server for this system integrates the physical servers provided via SMS and VMware's ESX software. This reduced the number of physical servers required from 15 to 5, and enabled efficient use of resources to match server loads.

IBPS reduced administrative overhead by 20%

IBPS uses SAN Boot*1 and stores the intra-company Web server system's configuration file on DMS's SAN Storage. This arrangement makes it possible to boot from storage so that servers can be completely restored in less than 24 hours. Monitoring and maintenance of Daiwa's entire system is performed by IIJ-Tech engineers. The result is a 20% reduction in administrative overhead for Daiwa House.

IIJ-Tech will continue to provide its customers with the best IT services and support Daiwa House's intra-company infrastructure system.

*1 SAN Boot:
An arrangement by which an OS boot is performed using the LUN of fiber channel storage rather than from the server's hard disk.

About Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd.

Established in 1955, Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd. is one of the largest homebuilders in Japan, with operations spanning the industry, from construction and sales of residential and commercial real estate and rental property management to urban development. Their commercial real estate division has a vast collection of real estate information and real estate consulting capabilities, and they are currently opening a number of branch offices at major commuter railway stations in suburban areas. In April 2009, they established the Environment/Energy Division and began selling white-light LED lighting systems for commercial facilities, providing customized solutions to meet customer needs.

About IBPS

The Integration & Business Platform Service delivers system optimization and resolves many problems through its integration and platform services. The servers, storage, network and other infrastructure shared by companies and divisions are provided by IIJ-Tech as a platform service that increases and decreases the level of resources available to meet current needs. The system can also be customized to meet any special need. IBPS minimizes the customer's initial investment costs and slashes the time required to get up and running. This service is ideal for customers with dramatic fluctuations in traffic and those who want to minimize equipment cost risks on systems whose traffic demands are not yet clearly known. It can also be useful for customers investigating ways to reduce the initial investment costs of system upgrades.

* IBPS has the brand changed to IIJ GIO Cloud Service

About IIJ Technology Inc.

IIJ Technology Inc. (IIJ-Tech) was established in November 1996 to spread out IIJ's superior network technology and forward vision to provide the system building and operation services to fill customers' expectation. IIJ-Tech builds Internet business systems and corporate information systems, as well as builds and operates many systems for government and financial institutions and systems for e-commerce, financial transactions, ISP/ICP, extranets, intranets, and ASPs.

* IIJ absorbed IIJ Technology on April 2010.