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IIJ-Tech Launches IBPS in the Kansai Region

dl button PDF [25 KB] 22 January 2009

TOKYO--January 22, 2009--IIJ Technology, Inc. (IIJ-Tech) today announced that it will for launch the Integration & Business Platform Service (IBPS) in the Kansai Area to provide server, network, and storage resources on demand starting in February 2009.

IIJ-Tech has been offering IBPS, IT infrastructure services that provide the necessary resources on demand via IIJ's Tokyo Metropolitan data center since 2000, as an early adopter of IaaS (infrastructure as a service), the much talked about cloud-computing business infrastructure. This latest release of IBPS in the Kansai region will enable customers to build systems at multiple sites using IBPS. Without acquiring any equipment, customers can simply use this service and obtain a "non-stop system" suitable for business continuity and disaster recovery plans. In addition, in response to customers' needs, full-support operations engineers can be stationed in both the Kanto and Kansai region to provide monitoring of the customers' systems in both centers 24hours a day, 365 days a year.

The service is already being used by SAPPORO BREWERIES LIMITED, to build its campaign site in tandem with its television commercials before IBPS service launches in the Kansai region.

About IBPS

Main Features

Many companies consider creating business continuity plan and building a disaster recovery system, and in an increasing number of cases, the customer moves the system to a third-party data center with specially designed earthquake resistant buildings. In many cases, the corporate system administrator cannot run off to the data center at a moments notice, and to ensure smooth system operation, it is necessary to employ total outsourcing services, from system construction to operation and administration. To create a system from scratch usually involves enormous costs. Properly configuring each of the system quality levels requires a full-time administrator to monitor each system, and the operational overhead grows in proportion to the scale of the system. 

With IBPS, the servers, storage, and network architecture are maintained by IIJ-Tech to provide the necessary resources only when you need them. This minimizes the customer's initial investment costs and slashes the time required to initial start-up. This service is ideal for customers with dramatic fluctuations in traffic or those who want to minimize equipment cost risks on systems whose traffic demands are not yet clearly known. It can also be useful for customers investigating ways to reduce the initial investment costs of system upgrades. Finally, a dedicated IBPS service engineer operates the customer's system to maintain a high level of quality.

Service Features

  • Corporate IT infrastructure is provided as a service for core corporate systems and Internet sites
  • An operations engineer is on site 24hours a day, 365 days a year to provide administration tailored to the customer's unique business needs
  • On-demand service achieves asset-less operation and shortens start-up time
  • Flexibility in handling sudden surges and ebbs traffic, such as during system failures and emergencies
  • High quality achieved through provisioning tools(*), standardized construction, and automation

(*) Provisioning tool
A tool that quickly deploys preinstalled network equipment and system resources in response to customer demands.


Solution Service name Description
Server Sever management service Servers maintained by IIJ-Tech are provided to customers for their exclusive use on demand. Provisioning tools are used to comprehensively manage settings for each server, and even during a crisis, servers can be provided on short notice through partial automation of construction from basic systems to monitoring systems
Storage Storage Data management service Centralized administration of corporate information assets on storage maintained by IIJ-Tech. Resources are provided on demand to meet current data volume. Data backups are provided as a standard service.
Operation Monitoring Operation and administration service Operations engineers are on site 24hours a day, 365 days a year to monitor, administrate, operate, and respond to failures (primary and secondary).
Network Network management service Internet connectivity, firewall, load balancing, DNS, and other services are provided on demand to meet the network features required by the customer's system.
Data center Data center facilities Stable, high quality equipment is provided through the IIJ Group Data Center