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IIJ Strengthens Security Functions for IIJ GIO Virtual Desktop Service

dl button PDF [29 KB] 03 October 2012

TOKYO-October 03, 2012-Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, today announced additional security options for IIJ GIO Virtual Desktop Service - providing Windows virtual desktop environment and applications as cloud services. These security options include the Zero-day protection option, Terminal Authentication Option, and the Anti-virus Option, all to be released in October.

IIJ GIO Virtual Desktop Service provides virtualized Windows desktop applications for enterprises, which enables clients to access their office environment from any location. These three new options increase the level of security vital to business applications, and create a virtual desktop environment that is both safe and secure.

Highlights for the new options are as follows:

Zero-day protection option

The Zero-day protection option uses FFR yarai application developed by Fourteen Forty Research Institute.

"FFR yarai" is a software designed to prevent targeted attacks. The software has a proprietary mechanism for analyzing program behaviors and removing them. The software detects and protects against attacks that do not yet have an established pattern but seek to exploit vulnerabilities (like Zero-Day), or Web based infectious malware. When used in conjunction with DMZ segment of a PC environment using a virtual desktop, it provides an even stronger defense against targeted attacks.

Terminal Authentication Option

The Terminal Authentication Option uses the QuiX Terminal Authentication application developed by Base Technology, Inc. This application uses an authentication key distributed to each terminal with an authentication mechanism residing on the server to easily and inexpensively establish terminal authentication. Remote access is refused to any terminals not previously registered, which restricts access of a person's private computer or smart device to the corporate network, thus lowering the risk of unauthorized access and data leaks.

Anti-virus Option

The Anti-virus Option uses Virus Buster Corporate Edition developed by Trend Micro Incorporated. This service provides antivirus functions that are optimized for virtual desktop environment by preventing system overloading created by conducting virus scans simultaneously on multiple computers.

IIJ will continue to provide services that will promote corporate internal systems to go cloud with security and value-added features.