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IIJ Strengthens Compliance Function of IIJ Secure Web Gateway Service

dl button PDF [67 KB] 13 October 2009

TOKYO--October 13, 2009--Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, today announced the release of the Authentication Server Connection Option for users of the IIJ Secure Web Gateway Service, a SaaS Web security service that prevents information leaks and virus infections from the Web. This new option enables customers to tie their authentication server directly to the gateway service.

The Authentication Server Connection Option integrates the IIJ Secure Web Gateway Service with the ActiveDirectory user account management software, which is used by many of the largest corporations, and provides centralized website access control and log management. This allows system administrators to continue to use their existing account management system and work flow but achieve stronger security with lower operational overhead.

This new option boasts the following features:

  • Centralized account management
    Administrators can create and change accounts from the customer's ActiveDirectory. Operational overhead is also reduced because password changes and synchronization can be performed via ActiveDirectory.
  • Access control at the individual level
    By integrating with ActiveDirectory, the system can recognize individual users, even in a DHCP(*1) environment, making HTTP/HTTPS access control possible for individuals. The allowed URL filter group settings can also be set for individuals, allowing a finer granularity of control.
  • Access monitoring and tracking at the individual level
    Monthly reports can be generated showing visited URLs and volume of data downloaded for individual users. In addition, information leaks and other security violations can be tracked by looking at the detailed activity of each user, achieving higher compliance.

As corporate use of the Internet continues to increase, it is vital to address the issues that may impact information security and productivity, such as Web-born viruses, information leaks, and personal Internet use leading to lower productivity.

The addition of the Authentication Server Connection Option makes the IIJ Secure Web Gateway Service the industry's first SaaS Web security service that enables administrators to control individual access without the need for complicated configurations at the user's terminal, thus providing advanced Web security measures while lowering operational overhead.

IIJ will continue to introduce outsourced security services that are vital to creating a safe, secure Internet environment to companies that use the Web.

Authentication Server Connection Option Service Outline


Compatible with NTLM authentication and Basic authentication. (Other authentication methods will be introduced in the future.)

Reporting Functions

Monthly reports include the following items.

  • Access ratio by individual
    Access ratio for the top 10 users(*2) and other users is presented in a pie chart as well as in a list.
  • Access by individual
    User name, access count, access ratio, request volume, and response volume are presented in a spreadsheet for the top 30 users(*2) and all other users.

(*1)DHCP(Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol): The DHCP protocol automatically assigns an IP address and DNS information to each device (computer) in order to connect to the network. Most LAN environments use this protocol because it makes it easy to manage the network without configuring each device individually. However, because the IP address of each device changes regularly, it is difficult to track individuals through activity logs.

(*2)If necessary, log analysis can be performed for all individual users, not just the top 10 or 30.