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IIJ Releases a Free IPv6 Connection Feature, IPv6 Virtual Access

dl button PDF [105 KB] 27 April 2009

TOKYO--April 27, 2009--Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI,TSE1: 3774), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, today announced the release of IPv6 Virtual Access, a free service that enables Internet access using IPv6(*1) for corporate dial-up access customers and individuals using IIJ's Internet access services.

IPv6 Virtual Access uses tunneling(*2) to create an IPv6 connection between the customer and IIJ's backbone. If the customer is subscribed to an eligible service and uses the compatible OS, IIJ dynamically assigns an IPv6 address to the customer's terminal to create an IPv6 Internet connection. In addition, customer・スfs using an eligible service can use this feature easily without the need to subscribe to a new service or install new software.

Customers' using IIJ's proprietary network connection tool, IIJ Mobile Secure Link, can take advantage of the single sign-on feature(*3) that enables them to establish an IPv6 connection easily when connecting to the Internet by clicking on the IPv6 Connection button on the dialog box.

IIJ continues to upgrade its services and network equipment to be IPv6 compatible in anticipation of the inevitable near-term exhaustion of the IPv4 address space. With this release we have updated our compatibility status and will continue to strengthen our service features to promote the spread of IPv6.

For more information about the status of IIJ services and network equipment with regards to IPv6 compatibility, see the following website. (Japanese text only)

(*1) The next-generation Internet protocol. It is based on the existing Internet protocol IPv4 but provides a larger address space and additional security functions.

(*2) IPv6 packets are encapsulated using IPv4 and sent over an IPv4 network.

(*3) Authentication is performed only once, and permits access to all allowed features.

IPv6 Virtual Access compatible services

  • IIJ Dialup Advanced Service
  • IIJ Mobile Access Service/Type D
  • IIJ Mobile Access Service/Type E
  • IIJ4U
  • IIJmio FiberAccess/DF Service
  • IIJmio FiberAccess/SF Service
  • IIJmio FiberAccess/DC Service
  • IIJmio DSL/DF Service
  • IIJmio DSL/SF Service
  • IIJmio Mobile Access
  • IIJmio Mobile Access/PRO
  • IIJmio Mobile Access/3G
  • IIJmio Mobile Access/Wireless LAN
  • IIJmio High-speed Mobile/EM Service

IPv6 Virtual Access compatible OS

Microsoft Windows Vista SP1 or later