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IIJ Provides Content Distribution Platform to Shimizu S-Pulse Video Distribution Site

dl button PDF [39 KB] 02 March 2010

TOKYO--2 March, 2010--Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, today announced it is providing Web and video distribution infrastructure for Orange-TV, the public video distribution site provided by the Shimizu S-pulse soccer club for its supporters.

S-pulse has been operating a video distribution site for its supporters since 2008, and on February 22, 2010, they renovated their site and adopted Microsoft® Silverlight ™(*) to provide richer video content and a better viewing environment for their audience. Because they wanted to distribute player interviews and event coverage in high-definition video as well as regular quality video, they needed a more robust and stable infrastructure.

To achieve these objectives, IIJ is providing the IIJ Web High-grade Service and the IIJ Contents Delivery Service, which will serve as the video distribution and Web infrastructure.
IIJ Web High-grade Service is a hosting service that provides a stable, reliable Web platform for the development of websites. In addition to completely redundant, high-grade servers, the service provides DDoS measures, load balancing measures, and other security features. The IIJ Contents Distribution Service uses a broadband distribution platform connected directly to IIJ's high-speed backbone to distribute high-volume content. This service provides the ideal environment for content distribution that requires a broadband system--such as high-volume sites or streaming video distribution sites--and ensures stable quality of content even during sudden spikes in traffic.

By providing these services, IIJ is contributing to the stable operation of Orange-TV and providing the fans with a stable and secure viewing environment. In addition, this scalable infrastructure will be able to expand as content is added and as the number of people visiting the site from mobile phones increases.

IIJ will continue to support corporate content distribution through the provision of high-quality distribution infrastructure.

* A plugin for Microsoft's Web browser. This plugin enables the proper display of rich Internet applications and video distribution via a Web browser. This plugin enables the use of the Instant Playback feature and the Catchup Playback feature, which enables viewers who come late to the broadcast to go back and play the entire broadcast from the beginning.