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IIJ Offers Enterprise PDA with IIJ Mobile Service/Type D

dl button PDF [96 KB] 28 January 2010

Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, today announced the addition of the PDA "PIT" to the IIJ Mobile Service lineup, for use with IIJ Mobile Service/Type D. Along with the release of the PIT, IIJ will introduce a PIT-based business support solution in March.

PIT is an enterprise class PDA with an onboard 3.5G communications module that is compatible with IIJ Mobile Service/Type D. With a top downlink speed of 7.2 Mbps, it can connect to the Internet and has several modes of communication, such as wireless LAN and Bluetooth®. It comes with built-in functions for business users, such as a barcode reader and IC card reader, and the 4.3 inch touchscreen makes it both functional and easy to use. The USB, RS232C and infrared interfaces connect the PIT to a variety of peripherals, making it a versatile business tool.

PIT Highlights

Onboard FOMA® Network Compatible 3.5G communications module for universal access

Get real-time updates on orders or available stock while away from a desk, at a remote location, or at the customer's premises. The PIT is compatible with NTT DoCoMo's FOMA® network and increases operational efficiency as a cloud client using the mobile network.

Onboard barcode reader for broad support of distribution and logistics industries

The barcode reader provides business support for retail shops, specialty shops, wholesalers. Traditional PDA devices have predominantly required an external barcode reader, but by combining the functionality of both into a single device, all the functionality of the conventional hand-held readers is provided, boosting operational efficiency.

Onboard IC card reader for security, attendance tracking and other applications

The IC card reader can read Felica and MyFARE IC cards, useful for implementing login authentication and other security functions. It has wide applications in areas such as monitoring employee attendance.

Thin and light

At just 19 mm (at the thinnest point) and under 230 g, the design of this unit has achieved the ultimate level of portability. In addition, the rounded back fits neatly into the palm to make it easier to hold for long periods of time.

Horizontal and vertical operation

The 4.3 inch touchscreen display can be operated in either a horizontal or vertical position. Because it can run a Web browser, it has numerous applications and is quite flexible for many business needs.

The PIT can be used in a variety of business situations: as a work station for distribution/retail such as drug stores, specialty stores such as clothing boutiques, wholesale, restaurants, delivery services, and more. It can also be used as digital signage or digital POP advertising.

IIJ is planning to provide the applications needed for these operations as a SaaS on its IIJ GIO cloud service through partnerships and tie-ups with existing providers of these applications. By using the PIT as a cloud client, IIJ can be one-stop shop for PDA terminal rental, mobile data communications, and business services, enabling customers to build a high cost-performance business environment.

Currently, IIJ is planning to provide the WEB Warehouse Administration System - Kentaro, by CSE Corporation. as a PIT business application using IIJ GIO. Agreements with other application providers for the PIT will be announced as they occur.

The IT-MOM application by Inventit Inc., can be used to configure and manage the PIT and will be available as a SaaS on IIJ GIO. IT-MOM enables centralized remote configuration of the PIT, which will reduce implementation costs and operational/administrative costs and provide strong security.

IT-MOM Feature Highlights (planned features)

  • Remote configuration (All terminal settings can be managed remotely)
  • Remote monitoring and diagnosis (Terminal status monitoring. Diagnostic startup and event log collection.)
  • Remote function control (Enable or disable standard terminal functions)
  • Remote software management (Software installation and deletion, and unauthorized software monitoring)
  • Remote lock and initialization (Disable the terminal itself or revert the settings back to the factory default settings)
  • Remote backup (Backup and restore device data and settings)

IIJ will continue to use IIJ Mobile and IIJ GIO to actively develop ideal solutions to your business needs.