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IIJ Launches URL Filter Report Function under the IIJ SMF sx Service/Ultra Firewall Option

dl button PDF [169 KB] 01 December 2010

TOKYO--December 1, 2010--Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, today announced the December 7, 2010, release of the URL Filter Report Function under the IIJ SMF sx Service/Ultra Firewall Option, a network service management solution developed by IIJ.

The IIJ SMF sx Service/Ultra Firewall Option is a service that enables automated firewall configuration and centralized management and administration of IIJ's proprietary SEIL routers. When used with the Site Umpire (*1) URL filtering service provided by NetSTAR Inc., the Ultra Firewall Option can control all Web activity that travels across the SEIL router.

The Ultra Firewall Option has always provided log administration and analysis reports, but with the addition of this new function, it can now provide URL filtering reports as well. This allows users of both the Ultra Firewall Option and the Site Umpire to understand Web use patterns in a graphical format and easily confirm the effectiveness of filtering. The report also shows Web access trends, which are useful in developing effective security measures.

The report function makes for effective Web access analysis, and administrators can generate dynamic reports by action type, category, sending IP address, and other parameters to suite any particular purpose. The log storage and report generating functions of this service use IIJ's proprietary distributed database daemon (*2), which makes it possible to save very large log files and provide highly flexible services. Only SEIL routers are compatible with the Site Umpire and the URL Filter Report Function.

With the release of the URL Filter Report Function, we are launching a limited Web access analysis support campaign.

Web access analysis support campaign

Campaign period Applications will be accepted from December 7, 2010 (Tue) to March 31, 2011 (Thu) 
  1. Free use of SEIL router for one month
  2. Free use of IIJ SMF sx Service/Ultra Firewall Option and the Site Umpire for one month
  3. Diagnostic consulting from NetSTAR
Target audience  Clients considering Web security measures

IIJ will continue to expand the capabilities of IIJ SMF sx Service to provide the most advanced network management service.

*1 Site Umpire is the URL filtering service for small and medium enterprises, provided by NetSTAR Inc.
In cooperation with NetSTAR, Site Umpire is provided to users of SEIL routers.
( (Japanese text only)).

*2 A distributed file system developed by IIJ to analyze the enormous volume of traffic flowing over the Internet backbone.

IIJ SMF sx Service

A centralized network management system developed by IIJ and based on the SEIL Management Framework (SMF). This service enables vastly more efficient network management through centralized administration of IIJ's high-performance SEIL routers, from initialization to reconfiguration and operation/administration. The fundamental technology supporting this service, SMF, received patent approval in March 2006 (patent 3774433).