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IIJ Launches the Production Version of IIJ GIO MOGOK Service

dl button PDF [70 KB] 10 December 2013

TOKYO-December 10, 2013-Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, today announced the release of the production version of IIJ GIO MOGOK Service (MOGOK), a cloud-based Web application development platform and execution environment that uses the open-source framework Ruby on Rails (*1).

MOGOK is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that resides on the IIJ GIO Service and provides both a development environment and an execution environment for Web application developers. MOGOK frees the application developers from the work involved with maintaining servers, databases, and other infrastructure resources and allows them to focus on the development of Web applications such as information sharing sites, e-commerce sites, and the startups that use them. This production version of MOGOK follows a beta version that was released in October 2012, and has grown in that time with hundreds of applications running on a regular basis, and because of these results, IIJ has acquired a Ruby Association Certified Cloud Service Provider Gold, whose group promotes the distribution and development of Ruby. For the release of this production version, IIJ added a fee-based service for corporate users to the beta trial service for individuals.

(*1) Ruby on Rails: An open-source web application framework which runs on the Ruby scripting language. It allows writing less code for creating a web application.

MOGOK Feature Highlights

1. A development platform built on a high-quality, reliable cloud service

IIJ's proprietary MOGOK is a development platform built on IIJ GIO, an extremely reliable high-quality cloud service. By providing a Ruby on Rails application development environment and execution environment as a package with the infrastructure, developers do not have to worry about managing physical devices or operating server instances. IIJ operates the infrastructure, and so high levels of security, reliability, availability and other service quality metrics can be maintained.

2. Manuals and support in Japanese

All manuals and support are provided in Japanese. This removes the language barrier for Japanese speakers that exists with similar services offered overseas, enabling the developers to focus on the programming.

3. Sign up online anytime

Clients can sign up via the MOGOK website and be using the development/execution environment in about 2 minutes. Ruby on Rails application can be executed about 3 minutes after selecting a preset application on the screen. From the fee-based menu the developer can expand the runtime environment instance to allow execution of multiple applications and use of a high-speed dedicated database.

MOGOK website: index_en.html

4. Ruby Association Certified Cloud Service Provider

RubyIIJ is registered as a Ruby Association Certified Cloud Service Provider (Gold) in recognition of our technological expertise in providing cloud services optimized for running Ruby applications.

MOGOK Service Specifications and Fees
Development support environment
Item Description Monthly Fees
MOGOK portal A portal site providing access to application and account management and support documentation. Free
Client package Provides all the software necessary for developing Ruby on Rails applications
Git repository Application module administration domain for deploying an application in the execution environment.

Execution environment
Item Description Monthly Fees
Web instance Provides Web application run functions One (1) instance is provided for free.
Additional instances are available for JPY 2,800
Script execution instance Provides the Ruby on Rails
"ruby script/runner" command to execute the rake task.

(Each application can use one instance.)

DB instance Provides a MySQL database function.
Job instance Enables the rake task to be registered as a cron job for running at a predetermined time. JPY 2,800
Worker instance Provides asynchronous processing through delayed_job. JPY 2,800
Dedicated DB server Assigns a virtual dedicated server to a specific application and provides a MySQL database function. Starting at JPY 16,000

(with ICU(*2) = 1.5, 1 GB of memory, and 20 GB of disk space)

(*2) 24 ICU is equivalent to 6 cores x 2

(*) Prices shown do not include tax.