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IIJ Launches the IIJ ID Service to Centralize ID Management for Cloud Services

dl button PDF [491 KB] 29 March 2016

TOKYO-March 29, 2016-Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774) , one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, today announced that it has launched the IIJ ID Service, which integrates ID management and authentication systems for accessing cloud services, delivering Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality on March 29, 2016.

IIJ ID Service is an enterprise Identity as a Service (IDaaS) (*1)solution that provides a means for logging in to various cloud services using a single ID. Customers can use this service to securely and easily access multiple cloud services while making the ever-more-complicated task of ID management more efficient. The service will first support IIJ's services and Microsoft Office 365. IIJ will continue to add support for more cloud services to the offering.

Service highlights:

Enables secure access to cloud services

The service enables customers to centrally manage the IDs and authentication that previously needed to be managed separately for each cloud service, thus reducing operational overhead for administrators and other costs. Furthermore, the service offers IP address-based access restrictions, providing flexible security policy. When users log in to the IIJ ID Service, icons for the cloud services that they can access are displayed, enabling single sign-on with just a click.

IIJ ID Service is operated using redundant facilities located across multiple IIJ datacenters in Japan to offer high availability and security.

Allows for easy deployment with no initial costs or base fees

Because there are no initial or base charges for the IIJ ID Service, it is cost-free at the time of deployment, making it easy for customers to deploy it. IIJ will proceed to add support for its various cloud services, contributing to higher levels of convenience and security for customers.

Delivers Office 365's ID linkages and SSO linkages at low cost

Office 365 accounts can be linked and managed using the IIJ ID Service. This service does not require an Active Directory (AD) link. Therefore, there is no need to implement identity federation systems for AD or SSO platforms on-premises to access Office 365, allowing customers to reduce costs associated with infrastructure implementation and operational overhead. In addition, because there is no need to link with AD when creating accounts for users who do not need to be registered with AD (for example, non-regular employees or employees of partner companies), AD licensing costs can be reduced while also reducing security risks.

(*1) Identity as a Service (IDaaS): A solution that delivers ID management, single-sign-on, and other authentication features as a service.

IIJ ID Service fees

Initial fee Free
Basic monthly fee Free (up to 2,000 IDs (*2))
Monthly charge for linking with Office 365 accounts JPY150 per ID

(*2) Please contact IIJ for the large-scale use requiring more than 2,000 IDs.

(*) All prices listed above exclude applicable taxes.

Service image

IIJ ID Service image

IIJ will continue to offer more secure and highly convenient cloud services.