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IIJ Launches the IIJ GIO Remote Access Service

dl button PDF [80 KB] 13 February 2013

TOKYO-February 13, 2013-Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, today announced the February 28, 2013, addition of the new IIJ GIO Remote Access Service to its remote access services lineup, which makes possible secure connectivity to a corporate network from any location.

The IIJ GIO Remote Access Service can be used when at home or outside the office with a common Internet connection from any device-whether smart phone, tablet, or mobile PC-providing cloud-based access control functions which enable safe access to IIJ services or the client's corporate network. Many companies today are implementing BCP or Telework programs that require a secure connection to their corporate network from anywhere, using a variety of devices. However, the cost of implementing a multi-function appliance to create a secure remote access environment is prohibitive-considering redundancy, maintenance, and administration-and these systems lack scalability. In addition, typical cloud services limit the range of devices and access lines that can be used, and they often lack security and other features. The IIJ GIO Remote Access Service resolves all these issues and provides advanced access authentication and control in a cloud-based service at an affordable price. There is no need for additional equipment on the client's network, and any of IIJ's cloud services can be combined with the IIJ GIO Remote Access Service to create a remote access environment that meets the needs of the client's existing operational environment.

Service Highlights

Strong security features

In addition to account authentication when connecting via VPN, there are detailed access controls based on time of day, the connecting IP address, the MAC address, and the service type, creating a highly secure and safe remote access connection. There is also a matrix authentication option planned for release in the spring of 2013 that can create a strong security environment that defeats spoofing and unauthorized access.

The matrix authentication option uses PassLogic one-time password authentication technology provided by Passlogy Co., Ltd.

Flexible connection configurations for any terminal/access line combination

Regardless of the terminal or access line type, the client can easily connect to an IIJ service or the client's network. VPN protocols supported are SSTP, L2TP/IPsec, and PPTP. In addition, IIJ GIO Remote Access Service can be used with the IIJ Mobile Service and the Authentication Outsource Service to create a private network environment isolated from Internet-borne threats and strong security on a par with a closed network connection.

Seamless connectivity with IIJ services

The IIJ GIO Remote Access Service can be used to seamlessly connect to all of IIJ's cloud-based services. For example, it can be used in conjunction with the IIJ Secure Web Gateway Service to bolster security when connecting to the website via a mobile device.

IIJ will continue to roll out new services to enable the secure use of today's mobile environment.


IIJ GIO Remote Access Service pricing examples

We accept contracts starting at one session. Prices vary, depending on the number of simultaneous sessions and options selected. There is an initial set-up fee in addition to the monthly fee. For details, contact a sales representative.

Example: 100 sessions (300 users): monthly fee is starting from JPY 82,800 (tax not included)

Note: IIJ GIO Remote Service with IIJ SMF sx Service. Does not include access line or ISP costs.