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IIJ Launches the IIJ GIO Hadoop Solution

dl button PDF [77 KB] 15 October 2012

TOKYO-October 15, 2012-Internet Initiative Japan, Inc., (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774) one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, today announced the immediate release of the latest addition to the IIJ GIO Service lineup, the GIO Hadoop Solution, a cloud-based solution for building and operating high-speed data processing systems for big data.

The IIJ GIO Hadoop Solution enables clients to quickly and inexpensively build and operate high-speed data processing systems for parallel distributed processing of big data. This solution uses the IIJ GIO Service to provide a configured Hadoop cluster-an open source software platform that performs parallel distributed processing of big data-and the tools necessary for administrating the cluster. A cloud service provides two advantages to the client: they do not need to purchase any equipment, and the system is easily scalable to respond to rising and falling traffic levels. As part of this solution, IIJ monitors, operates, and maintains the system, which reduces the operational overhead in the event of system failures. This solution supports the development of high-speed batch processing and large-scale log analysis, which makes it possible to greatly accelerate operation processes and Web access log analysis.

The construction and configuration of the Hadoop cluster requires specialized knowledge and experience, and the full benefit of Hadoop cannot be achieved without proper configuration and performance tuning. After the system is installed, monitoring and administration is also quite a heavy burden for the system administrator. This solution frees the client from this overhead and provides the ideal Hadoop cluster environment.

IIJ will continue to roll out new services and solutions in the data analysis sector that use parallel distributed processing technology and expertise and that can meet the growing demand for big data solutions.

IIJ GIO Hadoop Solution Menu

Hadoop building and operation

This package includes all the features-specialized knowledge and experience-necessary to building and developing/operating a Hadoop cluster. The client can choose from three Hadoop distributions: open source Cloudera's Distribution including Apache Hadoop, Cloudera Enterprise (Cloudera), and GreenplumMR (EMC Japan).

Acceleration of batch processing (option)

This option enables enterprises to migrate their batch programs used for mission-critical applications to a Hadoop cluster environment. In cooperation with Hitachi Solutions and Nautilus Technologies, IIJ uses the AsakusaFramework™-a framework for large-scale batch processing-to accelerate batch processing of mission-critical applications ten to thirty times faster.

Large-scale log analysis (option)

This option includes the building of a Hadoop cluster for a large-volume log data analysis environment suitable for analyzing website access logs and similar data. IIJ can develop systems to meet the client's needs using the experience IIJ has with developing log analysis systems for clients with websites that net millions of hits per month, as well as systems for analyzing IIJ's traffic logs on its Internet backbone, the largest of its kind in Japan.

IIJ GIO Hadoop Solution services

Service Description
Hadoop Construction/Operation
  • IIJ GIO Component Service (includes initial delivery operations)
  • Hadoop cluster design and construction
  • System operation design, configuration, and support
Acceleration of batch processing(Optional)
  • Proof of concept trial
  • From requirement definition to testing and migration
  • Application's operational design, configuration, and support
  • AsakusaFramework™ support
Large-scale log analysis(Optional)
  • From requirement definition to testing and migration
  • Application operational design, configuration, and support

IIJ GIO Hadoop Solution Fees

Service Description Initial fee Monthly fee
Hadoop Construction/Operation IIJ GIO Component Service Starting at JPY 617,000 Starting at JPY 309,500
Design construction Starting at JPY 900,000 Request an estimate
Acceleration of batch processing Proof of concept trial Starting at JPY 3,500,000 Request an estimate
From requirement definition to testing, and migration Request an estimate
Large-scale log analysis From requirement definition to testing, and migration Request an estimate

* Prices shown do not include tax.