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IIJ Launches SACM as an OEM Platform to Provide SMFv2 Management Features

dl button PDF [62 KB] 13 April 2011

TOKYO-April 13, 2011-Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, today announced the release of the newly developed Service Adaptor Control Manager (SACM), a management service platform for OEMs to provide automatic connection and comprehensive management mechanisms of SMFv2 (*1), IIJ's proprietary next-generation network management system.

SMF technology (*2) provides centralized network management, from configuring network devices to administration and management for SEIL Series routers, and SMFv2 was developed to enable these features to be used on network equipment made by other manufacturers.

IIJ has already been providing the SMF SDK developers kit for building management systems using the comprehensive administrative features of SMFv2. Client's would use the SMF SDK to develop their system, and by embedding the free Libarms module in the equipment to be managed, they could easily build their own management platform. However, by providing SACM as a management service for OEMs, client's only need to embed Libarms in the target equipment in order to manage that equipment with an administrative system quickly and inexpensively, obviating the need for clients to develop their own systems.

SACM provides configuration management and all other features via a dedicated Web interface, providing centralized management, and enabling the client to manage equipment easily, much like an SaaS application. The Web interface uses the latest Web technology, such as Ajax, to create dynamic pages that are quickly updated and thus provide a stress-free experience for system administrators. The Web interface can be customized to fit the needs and preferences of each client.

SACM can also interface with the LaIT platform, which provides various services for small- and medium-size companies, which will be able to be used by OEMs to provide back office functions such as billing and customer support. There are also plans to release a Web-API for interfacing with other systems.

In conjunction with this press release, NISSHO ELECTRONICS CORPORATION plans to release of its Juniper series products in May, which come standard with Libarms. This will allow SRX210, SRX240, and other UTM products to be comprehensively managed with SACM. IIJ has been selling the SEIL Series as a service adapter compatible with SMF and SMFv2. In the future, IIJ will be making a concerted effort to sell Nissho's UTM equipment and SACM as a package to service providers.

IIJ will continue to develop SMF for use in diverse network environments.

(*1) SMF's advanced technology was patented in both the US and Japan in February 2010 (Japan patent 4463868, US patent 7660266). SMF technology enables the centralized management-including initialization and re-configuration-of IIJ's proprietary SEIL routers. SMFv2 takes this technology a step further by enabling the same level of centralized management for network devices produced by other companies.

(*2) IIJ's proprietary network service operating system. A patent was issued in March 2006 (patent no. 3774433).This system enables centralized network management, from initialization to operation and maintenance of network devices in all locations.