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IIJ Launches New Software Product for Efficient Document Sharing : SlicePoint

dl button PDF [43 KB] 18 February 2014

TOKYO-February 18, 2014-Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, today announced the release of SlicePoint, a software package, which allows users to perform full-text searches of PDF, PowerPoint, and other file types, view the data in an online preview, and download the files. SlicePoint can be used on an on-premise network, a private cloud, or an IaaS like IIJ GIO Service.

Enterprises currently share a myriad type of documents--reports, meeting minutes, proposals, and specifications-- on the corporate portal site or file server. However, in such a situation, it is time consuming to find the required documents in the sea of corporate documentation. SlicePoint enables users to avoid trouble finding and make document retrieval fast and convenient.

SlicePoint has simple features to provide a user-friendly operability.

Full-text search

In addition to attribute-search such as on tags, author, and registered people, full-text search of document contents is also available. This makes it possible to find the files that users need from among a huge volume of files.

Online preview

The documents turned up in searches can be viewed in their entirety online. No need to download and open a file to know if it is the right one, so the target document can be located more efficiently. Three preview modes to choose from

  • Display all found documents in a list
  • Display all pages of all found documents
  • Display only pages that contain key words


Users are able to select the necessary files from the preview and download them all at once. A thumbnail of each select page is created, and downloaded with the document itself.

IIJ will continue to develop high value-added applications that solve a range of issues for our customers’ business environment.

SlicePoint Features

  • File registration
  • Search (by tag, full text, attribute)
  • Preview
  • Download
  • Rating
  • Access restriction settings (registered people only, all users, group)
  • Access period settings
  • Attribute lock
  • Statistics (file registration history, download history, etc.)
  • Administrative functions (User management, tag management, group management, access log management)
  • Active Directory-based authentication

SlicePoint license fees

Number of users Initial Fee Monthly Fees
up to 50 Free JPY 16,000
51 to 100 JPY 30,000
101 to 200 JPY 50,000
201 to 300 JPY 70,000
301 to 400 JPY 85,000
401 to 500 JPY 100,000
More than 500 users
For each additional 100 users
JPY 18,000/100 users

(*) Minimum contract is 1 month.
(*) There are no limits on disk space or registered files.
(*) Prices shown do not include tax