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IIJ Launches LaIT for SMEs

dl button PDF [91 KB] 01 July 2009

TOKYO--July 1, 2009--Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ:IIJI, TSE1: 3774), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, today announced the launch of LaIT (pronounced "light"), a new brand that offers high-quality services at reasonable prices for small and medium enterprises. The initial service offering consists of LaIT Rental Server, a shared rental server service that supports creation of sites for mobile phones, and LaIT Private Ether, a flexible VPN service that connects remote sites via L2 (layer 2). Both services will be released on July 29.

The basic concept of the LaIT brand is to provide small and medium enterprises (SME) with low-cost, basic services with the same quality enjoyed by IIJ's large corporate and government customers. These services will be available through the LaIT website and partner companies, though all aspects of the service -from registration to support- will be conducted online, greatly reducing system operating costs and administrative costs while improving service infrastructure through virtualization technology.

The two initial services, LaIT Rental Server and LaIT Private Ether, are described below.

LaIT Rental Server

Mail, Web, anti-virus, and anti-spam features-this rental server service provides all the features demanded of a hosting service today. To help website creators resolve the problems they face in creating sites that are compatible with mobile devices, this service comes with Mobile Content Support, and all for a small monthly fee that starts at just JPY 2,000 per month. Roundabout(*1) is used to convert content for viewing on mobile devices, automatically optimizing content and graphics, which enables Web creators to author one set of content that can be viewed from any device (2G, 3G, etc.) or any carrier (NTT DOCOMO, au, SoftBank).

LaIT Private Ether

The LaIT Private Ether service establishes a logical L2 connection between service adapters at remote locations for the building of protocol-free, highly flexible networks. The service uses IIJ's proprietary SEIL/X(*2) routers and IIJ's SMFv2(*3), which enables completely automatic network configuration. Customers who use B FLET'S or FLET'S HIKARI Next services can create a VPN just by plugging in the network adaptors. There are no complicated design considerations that are usually associated with building a VPN network. Up to 10 locations can be connected in a full-mesh configuration at JPY 8,900 per location per month.

As part of the LaIT promotional campaign, initial fees will be waived for customers who sign up between July 29 and October 31. The LaIT Rental Server can be tried for free starting today until August 31.

The LaIT service lineup will be expanded continuously, starting with the addition of the Broadband Connection and Mobile Internet Connection services scheduled for release this fiscal year, all of which will be designed to optimize IT use for SMEs.

LaIT Website

About the LaIT brand

The LaIT brand was created to provide small and medium enterprises with the services they need but with the technological savvy, stability, and reliability that IIJ developed through serving high-end corporate customers to the highest standards in the demanding corporate Internet services industry. The services offered under the LaIT brand are simple and affordable.

The name LaIT is a derived from French "La" and "IT," which we have used to mean the ultimate IT service.
From its pronunciation ("light"), we also use it to connote "easy to obtain" for our customers and a "beacon" for our customers' businesses.

LaIT campaign details

Campaign Eligible Customers Description
Initial fees waived Customers who sign up via the website by October 31 Initial fees will be waived on LaIT Rental Server and LaIT Private Ether
LaIT Rental Server trial Customers who sign up on or before July 28 via the website LaIT hosting service is free until August 31.(Some restrictions apply. Availability is limited and applications will not be accepted once the limit is met.)

LaIT Rental Server highlights

  • Main features
    • Web server (mobile content support, CGI, PHP, database, access analysis, etc.)
    • Mail server
    • Unique domain available
    • Control panel (administrative site for administrators and end users)
  • Fees
Product Initial Fee Monthly Fees Main features
Disk space Mail accounts
S02 JPY 10,000 JPY 2,000 2GB 20
S10 JPY 4,000 10GB Unlimited
S20 JPY 7,000 40GB
S30 JPY 9,000 80GB
Optional services Initial Fee Monthly Fees Note
Mobile content support Free JPY 20,000 Basic features are expanded, and graphic optimization feature is provided
Server certificate option JPY 131,000
(reference price)
- Reference price for selecting a secure server ID from Japan Verisign
DNS option JPY 10,000 JPY 700 IIJ will obtain a ".jp" domain on your behalf

LaIT Private Ether highlights

  • Main features
    • High-quality service adapter SEIL/X is used to create an Ethernet VPN connection for to up to 10 locations (L2TPv3 connection, full mesh configuration)
    • Automatic network connection via SMFv2 technology, monitoring, administration, traffic monitoring
    • 24 hour support year round, equipment replacement in the event of failure
  • Fees
Product Initial Fee Monthly Fees Note
LaIT Private Ether JPY 30,000 JPY 8,900
  • Fees are per location
  • Does not include access line fees for B FLETs, FLETs Hikari Next services

(*1) roundabout: Content conversion engine for mobile devices provided by Symmetric Co., Ltd. XHTML and CSS 1 source is uploaded to the server, which is displayed to all users regardless of carrier or terminal type. This removes the need to update content each time a new device appears on the market. (

(*2) SEIL/X: Corporate access router developed by IIJ. Contains all the features needed from the ISP viewpoint, and has many applications as a corporate network service adapter, such as in wide area networks. Automatic connection supported by SMFv2. (

(*3) SMFv2: Network management system developed by IIJ. It provides a service framework for automated configuration of network devices, such as SEIL/X, and centralized management of the network. (

(*) All prices listed do not include consumption tax.