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IIJ Launches “Japan Travel SIM powered by IIJmio” a 2GB Prepaid SIM Card for Foreign Visitors to Japan

dl button PDF [216 KB] 30 September 2014

Internet Initiative Japan Inc.
Brastel Co., Ltd.

TOKYO-September 30, 2014-Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, today announced they will provide the Japan Travel SIM powered by IIJmio, a package of prepaid SIM card with 2GB of high-speed data volume for foreign visitors to Japan from October 2, 2014. Customers can easily start this mobile data service by inserting a SIM card into an unlocked SIM device and configuring it. This package includes a Brastel Card(*), an IP phone service provided by Brastel Co., Ltd. (Brastel) which allows customers to make inexpensive domestic and international calls. And furthermore, customers enable to use credit from prepaid Brastel Card to add data volume to a SIM card.

(*) Brastel Card is packaged with the Japan Travel SIM powered by IIJmio and is available free of charge at stores.

About Japan Travel SIM powered by IIJmio

Service Description

Service name Japan Travel SIM powered by IIJmio
SIM package price Open pricing (*1)
Available period From the first day of data transmission to the end of the third month (*2)
Bundle coupons
(Data volume)
Transmission speeds
(LTE area)
Download up to 150Mbps, Upload up to 50Mbps(*4)
Network within Japan NTT DOCOMO LTE / 3G
SIM card type Standard SIM, microSIM, nanoSIM
Languages Package Japanese, English, Chinese (simplified)
Instruction guide Japanese, English, Chinese (simplified/traditional), Korean, Thai
Service site
: Japanese, English, Chinese (simplified)
Phone support Japanese, English, Chinese
9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. JST (Closed during the New Year's holidays)

(*1) The IIJmio Prepaid Pack is JPY3,791 (tax not included) for customers living in Japan.

(*2) The period cannot be extended nor the service switched to a monthly plan. Data volume cannot be added to SIM cards that have exceeded the term of use.

(*3) Credit added to a Brastel Card can be used to add data volume.

(*4) Transmission speeds may vary, according to the device used. 3G network can be used outside of LTE areas.

(*) SMS and voice call feature cannot be bundled with the Japan Travel SIM powered by IIJmio’s SIM cards.

Retail stores (as of October 2, 2014)

  • AEON RETAIL Co.,Ltd. (The SIM packages must be ordered beforehand for certain retail stores.)
  • BIC CAMERA Group stores (BIC CAMERA, Kojima, Sofmap), all stores selling BIC SIM
  • Nippon Telephone Inc. (Ecotan in "Osaka station 3 building", all e-BoooM stores)
  • All Yodobashi Camera Co.,Ltd. stores

After mid-October 2014

  • TIC(Tourist Information Center) TOKYO
  • Hostels in Japan:
  • Khaosan Tokyo (Original, Ninja, Samurai, Kabuki, Laboratory, World), Khaosan Kyoto, Khaosan Theater

After November 2014

  • berry mobile (in Thailand)

How to use the service

a. Insert a SIM card into your device.

b. Configure a mobile network such as APN setting on your device, and it is ready to use.

(*) Packaged SIM cards are ready to use and do not need to be activated.

How to purchase additional data

a. Add credit to a Brastel Card
Add credit at a convenience store using a packaged bank transfer form, a credit card or PayPal on the Brastel website.

b. Add more data
Add data to a SIM card from the Brastel website. The purchase amount of the data is debited from the Brastel Card.

What is Brastel Card?

Brastel Card is a prepaid calling card that supports multiple languages and can be charged multiple times. When charged, they allow customers to make inexpensive domestic and international calls using smartphones, cellphones, landline phones, and public phones. For details, see the following website. (Opened on October 2)

IIJ will continue to offer convenient services that allow foreign visitors to enjoy their mobile lives in Japan.

Package image of Japan Travel SIM powered by IIJmio

Package image of Japan Travel SIM powered by IIJmio

Customers can enjoy a package like a Byobu, a Japanese folding screen with an included origami paper.

Package front(*) All company names and service names mentioned in this release are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.