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IIJ Launches IIJ Malware Analysis Solution

dl button PDF [353 KB] 30 October 2014

TOKYO-October 30, 2014-Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, today announced the launch of IIJ Malware Analysis Solution. This solution detects and analyzes malware, malicious software that infects and damages corporate systems.

In this solution, malware that threatens corporate IT assets is extracted from sandbox security devices such as the "Palo Alto Networks PA Series," "FireEye NX/EX Series," and security tools which defend against APT attacks such as "FFR yarai" for investigation and analysis by an expert analyst. The analyst then provides information on the malware such as how dangerous it is and how infected the system is, for the benefit of customers who are unable to deal with malware due to lack of knowledge or personnel. Sharing this information enables customers to quickly take measures according to their security policies, and will improve response efficiency.

This solution offers three levels of service: (1) initial detection, (2) simple analysis, and (3) detailed analysis. Customers can choose a level of analysis according to their objectives.

  Initial Detection Simple Analysis Detailed Analysis
Service level Determination of danger level of sample Provide simple analysis of sample danger level and overview Provide detailed sample behavior analysis and method to recover infected terminals
Target report time for each sample
  • Response by 18:30 for samples received by 13:00.
  • Response by 13:00 the next day for samples received by 17:00.
  • Generally respond within five business days from the business day the analysis request was received with an initial response by 18:30 the following business day.
  • Response within one to two weeks from the business day the analysis request was received.
Report & outline [ Email ]
  • Categorize samples
    • a. Almost certainly malware
    • b. Suspected malware
    • c. Unable to determine
    • d. Regular file
  • Reasoning
  • Comment by analyst
[ Report ]
  • Threat Severity
  • Necessity of detailed analysis
  • Technical supplemental information
[ Report ]
  • Overview
  • Detailed analysis results
  • Overview of sample behavior based on dynamic analysis
  • Recovery method
  • Reference information
Fee & no. of samples Starting at
JPY 120,000 /
month for 20 samples
Starting at
JPY 250,000 /
month for 4 samples
Starting at
JPY 1,200,000 /
incident for a single sample

(*) Prices shown do not include tax.

This solution is offered with the cooperation of expert malware analysts at SecureBrain Corporation, using tools and the like provided by the company.

IIJ will continue to develop solutions to help maintain the security of our customers' networks with the latest in security techniques.

Endorsement from SecureBrain Corporation

SecureBrain Corporation welcomes the launch of IIJ Malware Analysis Solution. We are very pleased to offer SecureBrain malware analysis technology as a part of this solution, and are happy to have been given the opportunity to expand our business along with IIJ.

As the number of cyber attacks increases, companies are spending more and more resources responding to incidents. We are certain that this solution will meet the needs of our customers.

SecureBrain will strengthen its partnership with IIJ, and will continue to work in security research and development with an eye on the future, to deliver safety and security to Internet users.

SecureBrain Corporation
Akihiko Narita, President and CEO