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IIJ Launches IIJ GIO Unified Operation Management Service

dl button PDF [103 KB] 10 October 2012

TOKYO-October 10, 2012-Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, today announced the October 15, 2012, release of the IIJ GIO Unified Operation Management Service, a new addition to the IIJ GIO Service line up that provides system monitoring and operation for both cloud-based systems and on-premise systems.

The IIJ GIO Unified Operation Management Service provides centralized system monitoring and operation for systems built in the cloud or on the client's premises. System operations and usage status are monitored on behalf of the client and action is taken in the event of a system failure-from notifying the client of the failure to locating the source of the failure and bringing the system back online. From simple monitoring of small systems to advanced failure recovery of large systems, the client can pick from a wide range of system monitoring and operating options to suit the situation. Use of cloud services is increasing, and this is driving the need for centralized management of both cloud-based and on-premise systems. The IIJ GIO Unified Operation Management Service makes it easy for clients to fully leverage the benefits of cloud-based and on-premise systems.

Service Highlights

Monitoring service

IIJ's system monitors the client's system 24/7. The operating status of equipment, usage percentages, and other key metrics are monitored and a notice sent when an anomaly or a failure is detected. This monitoring feature can be used as a SaaS, which allows the client to change service settings at anytime.

Operation service

With the operation service, the client's system is operated 24/7. When an alert is received, the client is notified by telephone, and standard actions are taken in accordance with the standard operational guide to start the server or other necessary actions. IIJ can also investigate the source of the failure or perform system recovery actions following the client's guidelines. Standard operational reports and monthly reports can be viewed online via a dedicated user portal site.

Private connectivity service

The private connectivity service provides private connectivity between the IIJ monitoring system network and systems located at the IIJ Data Center or the client's premises. This service can also be used with the client's own IP addresses or with a redundant connection. When connecting with the client's on-premise systems, a dedicated line must be used.

IIJ will continue to work to improve our outsourcing services to increase convenience for our clients.


Service Product Specifications Initial Fee Monthly Fees
Monitoring Services Simple monitoring Monitoring (Ping, specific port, EZURL, URL hierarchy) No charge 10 points (*1) Starting at JPY4,000
Operation and monitoring Monitoring (SNMP, command, service, security, log, resources, performance), etc. No charge 30 points (*1) Starting at JPY15,000
Operation Services Standard operation Implementation of standard procedures No charge 1 node Starting at JPY4,000
Extended operation Special operations, failure inspection, and recovery per client's instructions No charge (*2) 1 node Starting at JPY29,800
Private Connectivity Services Standard link Cable run to client's rack within IIJ-specified datacenter Per connection JPY58,500 Per connection JPY6,000
Expanded link Connection device (*3) installed in client's rack in IIJ-specified datacenter Per connection Starting at JPY169,000 Per connection Starting at JPY19,500
Remote standard link Line termination equipment installed on client's premises Requires separate estimate Requires separate estimate
Remote expanded link Equipment installed on client's premises (*3)

(*1) A point system is used as the unit of the contract. For example, ping monitoring of 1 IP address = 1 point; CPU monitoring on 1 monitored node = 1 point; log-file monitoring for 1 log condition = 1 point.

(*2) Operations consulting is required (not included in the fees)

(*3) This service can also be used with the client's own IP addresses or as a redundant connection.

* Prices shown do not include tax.