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IIJ Launches IIJ GIO Content Acceleration Service

dl button PDF [53 KB] 15 April 2013

TOKYO-April 15, 2013-Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, today announced the immediate release of the IIJ GIO Content Acceleration Service, a high-quality, stable content distribution platform with a completely usage-based fee structure.

The increasing number of websites with rich content and a wide variety of smart devices mean that the volume of Internet traffic is trending upwards. The IIJ GIO Content Acceleration Service is a content delivery network (CDN) service that rapidly and stably delivers content to users using a large-scale distribution platform connected directly to IIJ's high-capacity backbone. To do this, the client's Web content is cached on IIJ's distribution equipment and delivered to viewers. The IIJ GIO Content Acceleration Service makes it possible to deliver Web content without increasing the load on corporate network resources. This lowers overall cost and website administrative overhead by removing the need for high-volume distribution servers that would normally be required to deal with future traffic increases and sudden spikes in usage.

Service highlights

A low usage-based fee with no initial fees and monthly fees

Many of the conventional Web content distribution services have basic monthly fees and server request fees in addition to the usage fee and storage fees, making their fee structures very complicated, and in turn, making it hard to estimate costs. The IIJ GIO Content Acceleration Service has a simple usage-based fee of JPY 15 per 1GB of data transferred, with no initial fees or monthly fees. There is no minimum contract length, and this allows clients to control costs by using the service only when necessary.

SSL encrypted transmissions (HTTPS) for individual domains (scheduled to start in May, 2013)(*1)

The IIJ GIO Content Acceleration Service is compatible with SSL encrypted communications, which makes it ideal for submitting inquiry forms, accepting payments on e-commerce sites, and other applications where sensitive information needs to be securely transmitted. This feature allows the client to operate SSL-compatible secure websites without changing the domain name. HTTPS proxy compatibility is scheduled to be introduced in May 2013, while cached distribution is schedule for implementation in summer 2013.

(*1) Use of SSL encrypted communications requires a separate contract for the IIJ SSL Certificate Management Service.

Broadband/high-performance distribution equipment enables delivery of file sizes up to 20 GB

The IIJ GIO Content Acceleration Service is located in IIJ's data center which is connected directly to IIJ's backbone network, the largest-scale backbone in Japan. Multiple ISPs are directly connected to this backbone, and channel switching minimizes network latency and delivers a satisfying Web browsing environment. Advanced caching technology makes it possible to distribute files with sizes up to 20 GB. This service makes it possible to stably distribute large content without investing in new equipment to handle the load.

DDoS countermeasures are a standard feature

In recent years, the number of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on public and private organizations has escalated, and in some cases these attacks have successfully shutdown portal sites and corporate websites (for information on the latest trends in DDoS attacks, see IIJ's technical report "Internet Infrastructure Review (IIR).") The IIJ GIO Content Acceleration Service comes standard with DDoS attack countermeasures based on IIJ's standard rules. There are also advanced DDoS countermeasures available at the client's request, but a separate contract for the IIJ DDoS Protection Service is required to use customizable DDoS countermeasures.

IIJ will continue to expand its lineup of high-quality and high cost-performance content delivery services.

IIJ GIO Content Acceleration Service Fees

Usage-based fees Description Initial Fee Monthly fees (data transfer volume) Minimum contract period Note
HTTP service fees (basic) Standard product options JPY 0 JPY 15/GB None  
HTTPS service fees (optional) HTTPS data transfer fees for the SSL option JPY 0 JPY 25/GB None A separate, additional contract is required to use the SSL option and the IIJ Service Certificate Administration Service. (*)

Options Description Note
SSL Option Provides distribution by HTTPS (origin forwarding only) A separate, additional contract for the IIJ Server Certificate Administration Service is required. (*)
DDoS protection options Monthly reporting option for the standard DDoS countermeasures system. Requires a separate, additional contract for the IIJ DDoS Protection Service. (*)

(*) Please contact IIJ sales regarding contracts for the IIJ SSL Certificate Management Service and the IIJ DDoS Protection Service.