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IIJ Launches ASP FX system, IIJ Raptor Service

dl button PDF [83 KB] 01 November 2010

TOKYO--November 1, 2010--Internet Initiative Japan, Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, today announced the November release of the IIJ Raptor Service, a newly developed, ASP-based, foreign exchange (FX) system for financial service providers.

The number of FX accounts and margin balances have skyrocketed in recent years, and this growth in the FX market has attracted the interest of many new players, including major securities brokers and FX trading companies, making this sector one of the hottest in recent years. However, this increased activity has created a commensurate increase in the number of transactions, which has caused unexpected system problems for some companies. These factors, combined with increased FSA regulation of the industry and intensified competition, are expected to create a demand for highly reliable, cost-competitive FX systems.

In October 2008, IIJ began development of an FX system that it released in April of the following year to provide an FX solution that leverages IIJ's high quality infrastructure. The IIJ Raptor Service was developed in order to provide an ASP-based, highly reliable FX system that has even higher flexibility, performance, and convenience than past systems. 
Below is a list of service highlights.

A flexible system, compatible with Click 365, Daisho FX, and OTC

IIJ Raptor is compatible with Click 365, Daisho FX, and OTC. Conventional FX solutions require infrastructure and application development for each market, so to conduct trades on all three markets requires the user to log into each system individually. IIJ Raptor enables the user to access multiple markets over a single platform, greatly improving convenience for the user. With a minimum investment, service operators can operate FX systems, or benefit from reduced operational risks on much more efficient systems.

Hybrid memory database creates high-speed, high-capacity system

IIJ Raptor uses Korea's ALTIBASE hybrid-memory database and a parallel-processing system design to be able to complete a huge number of transactions in a much shorter time. The system can process more than 1,000 orders per second and can take a huge influx of orders in stride. Market price updates that occur once a minute on conventional systems can be processed in about one second, thus systematically lowering FX risk and leverage risk.

Providing a more convenient trading channel

IIJ Raptor provides a Web, mobile device, and rich client software optimized for trading via an intuitive interface. Each trading channel can be customized for each operator, and with simple menus and easy procedures, users of any skill level can easily navigate the system. Ajax (*) is used to create a dynamic screen layout with up-to-the-minute updates that facilitate quick trades without the usual stress.

IIJ Raptor was adopted by Retela Crea Securities Co., Ltd., for use in their new Click 365FX service called Retela FX365, as part of a service revamp scheduled for November 29, 2010. Retela Crea was using a conventional exchange ASP service, but slow transaction speeds and other problems made it difficult to differentiate their services from other operators, which prompted their move to another system. 
Their use of IIJ Raptor will markedly improve transaction speeds and user convenience when compared with the old Retela FX service. The ability to place orders via the new rich client, Web, and mobile channels, provides users with a more convenient and stable service.

IIJ sees IIJ Raptor as an important service for financial system businesses, and will build on this system in developing new online systems for other financial products, such as CFDs and derivatives trading.

(*) Ajax is a technology that uses JavaScript's HTTP communications function to create interactive Web applications.