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IIJ Group to Provide Cloud Computing Service "IIJ GIO US Service" in the U.S.

dl button PDF [72 KB] 22 March 2012
Internet Initiative Japan Inc.
IIJ America Inc.

TOKYO-March 22, 2012-Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774) and its 100% owned subsidiary, IIJ America Inc. ("IIJ America") today announced to jointly provide Cloud computing service "IIJ GIO US Service" in the United States of America.

IIJ GIO US Service will provide a high quality and flexible server environment in the United States by fully exercising the long and rich experience that IIJ has in operating IIJ GIO Service in Japan. Depending on the usage needs, users can choose Cloud server type from two categories: virtual and physical. In the virtual category, there are three different server grade types. Price range starts as low as 65 US dollars a month. Users can enjoy the service at a fixed monthly cost without having to worry about paying additional fee because IIJ GIO US Service does not charge by the traffic.

At the beginning of its service release, the facility of IIJ GIO US Service will be placed in the West Coast of the United States but is planning on increasing more facilities in the East Coast in order to meet the growing demands from social application providers and enterprise businesses that already have branches in the United States. Furthermore, other IIJ GIO Services that have already been implemented to many blue chip companies in Japan will be introduced to IIJ GIO US Service. Those additional services are namely IIJ GIO Hosting Package Service and IIJ GIO Storage Service. IIJ GIO US Service will allow companies to set up a server site in the United States at a short period of time.

IIJ Group seeks to introduce IIJ GIO US Service to both Japanese and local enterprises in the United States through IIJ America.

IIJ GIO US Service Lineups

  V Series X Series
Virtual Servers Dedicated Servers
V10 V80 V160
OS CentOS/Debian
Memory 1GB 8GB 16GB 48GB
Disk Volume (default) 30GB (IP-SAN) 300GB (RAID 1)
Internet VLAN×1、VLAN(Private IP)×1
Network 1GB (shared)
Option Additional Disk Volume Can add disk volume of 100GB, 300GB, 500GB, up to 2 disk volumes per 1 base server -