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IIJ Group Launches INVITO MOBILE, a SaaS CRM Service For Mobile

dl button PDF [41 KB] 02 December 2009

Internet Initiative Japan Inc.
IIJ Technology Inc.

TOKYO--December 2, 2009--Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, and IIJ Technology Inc., (IIJ-Tech) today announced the launch of the IIJ GIO Application Service INIVITO MOBILE, a SaaS CRM service for mobile terminals.

INVITO MOBILE is a total CRM service that allows corporations to implement targeted marketing for mobile phones and other mobile devices, from managing member information to building mobile websites and distributing information via e-mail. Because INVITO MOBILE is provided as a SaaS on the IIJ GIO cloud service, users do not have to build their own systems, and they can easily communicate with their members and initiate customer development, sales promotion, and other promotional programs for mobile terminals.
Daiichikosho Co., Ltd. has decided to be the first INVITO MOBILE customer, and they will implement a SaaS mail distribution system for their karaoke information site clubDAM.

Service Highlights

Quickly implement a low-cost CRM system that can support millions of members

INVITO MOBILE provides the application servers, customer management database, high-volume mail distribution server, and other applications required by CRM systems as a flexibly configured SaaS on the IIJ GIO platform. By using a high-quality cloud platform with IIJ GIO's virtualization technology, customers can build flexible systems that meet the customer's system requirements and membership scale. This enables companies to create a scalable mobile CRM system that can handle from tens of thousands to millions of members without purchasing any equipment, and because it can be implemented quickly and at a minimum cost, it greatly reduces the cost of promotion.

Effectively target information distribution for each organizational unit through member management features

INVITO MOBILE provides functions for managing membership information based on attributes such as age, gender, and interests. This enables customers to target certain member attributes for highly effective information distribution. In addition, information can be segmented by divisions, business activities, branches, or other organizational units for up-to-the-moment marketing activities such as for newly opened franchises or for the separate brands of an apparel manufacturer.

Easily access all the features necessary to corporate mobile promotion and communication

Customer's can create mobile site content, manage membership information, and distribute information via e-mail. Content can be created entirely via a Web interface so that the site administrator can quickly create and edit mobile site content and HTML mail. The service is compatible with multiple carriers (NTT DoCoMo, au, Softbank Mobile), and the display is automatically adjusted to fit the terminal, greatly reducing the overhead associated with creating mobile sites and mobile content.


Main features Description
Member management Member information management, subscription and cancellation processing, automated log-in
E-mail distribution Targeted e-mail, HTML mail for mobile devices, HTML mail for computers, distribution schedule, opt-in function, high-speed delivery
Mobile site creation Mobile site creation feature (supports emoticons, multi-carriers), release scheduling
Organizational unit management Organization settings, employee settings, system user settings
Promotion management Statistics management, tag management, access history
System administration Membership master settings, usage agreement settings, subscription and cancellation e-mail settings