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IIJ Group Increases Support in Europe to Expand International Operations

dl button PDF [46 KB] 01 April 2013
Internet Initiative Japan Inc.
IIJ Exlayer Inc.

TOKYO-April 1, 2013-Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, today announced that, in February of this year, it increased its capital position in UK subsidiary of IIJ Exlayer Inc. (IIJ Exlayer). IIJ Exlayer is an IIJ subsidiary that contributes to the IIJ Group's international operations by providing systems integration services to clients from its offices in London and Düsseldorf. The company also announced the following corporate name changes for the London and Düsseldorf subsidiaries.

New Company Names

Location New Company Name Old Company Name
London IIJ Europe Limited IIJ Exlayer Europe Limited
Düsseldorf IIJ Deutschland GmbH IIJ Exlayer GmbH

IIJ Exlayer has been providing support to Japanese companies located in Europe by using its technological expertise to deliver high quality network solutions and high value-added system integration (SI) services. The capital input serves to strengthen IIJ Group's presence in Europe, which will allow the company to establish a support system that responds even more quickly and with greater granularity of service.

At the same time, IIJ established a data center in London, and built a high-speed backbone network connecting Japan, UK, and the US. By extending our backbone network to Europe, we can connect Japan and UK directly through Russia and thus reduce relay latency and vastly improve the connection between Japan and Europe. 
IIJ has been delivering cloud services in the US and China, and because Europe also has a high quality Internet environment in place, we will continue to build a service platform for delivering cloud services.

For the latest information on the Backbone Network, see

About IIJ Exlayer

IIJ Exlayer became an IIJ consolidated subsidiary in April 2012. The company has overseas subsidiaries that have expanded by using their reliability and expertise in SI, IT project management, and other advanced technology to serve their main customers: Japanese overseas subsidiaries.