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IIJ Group Expands Features of IIJ GIO EU Service

dl button PDF [55 KB] 22 October 2014

TOKYO-October 22, 2014-Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, and its 100% owned subsidiary IIJ Europe Limited (IIJ Europe) today announced that it will add "Virtualization Platform VW Series" to their IIJ GIO EU Service lineups from October 22, 2014.

IIJ GIO EU Service takes full advantage of the cloud service administration expertise which IIJ has accumulated by providing the IIJ GIO Service to customers throughout Japan. IIJ will offer server environments to European customers at the same high level of quality as those in Japan. The newly offered Virtualization Platform VW Series allows users to freely design and build operating systems and applications on VMWare virtualization platforms. Customers will be able to quickly and flexibly build private cloud environments that incorporate their existing systems.

IIJ has strengthened their partner system in Europe as below and has expanded this service.

  • TELEHOUSE International Corporation of Europe Ltd. (Headquartered in London HQ) ("TELEHOUSE")
    TELEHOUSE added the IIJ GIO EU Service to its cloud service portfolio, TELECLOUD. IIJ Europe will now continue to approach European entities via TELEHOUSE.
  • Vigience Co., Ltd. (a Japanese company with its European Headquarters in Zurich) ("Vigience")
    Vigience has adopted the IIJ GIO service as part of its OvercastTM product offering which enables on-premise ERP systems to integrate with cloud based systems.
  • Toyo Business Engineering Corporation (Headquartered in Tokyo) ("B-EN-G")
    The company has been offering "A.S.I.A.", an ERP service of B-EN-G since December 2013 to overseas users on IIJ GIO platform located in Japan. With the release of IIJ GIO EU Service, B-EN-G intends to rollout the package throughout Europe maximizing the location of its service.Furthermore, IIJ has started IIJ Data Center Service which means colocation services for customers' own IT equipment, and Internet Access Service in the UK.

The IIJ Group will continue to develop Internet access environments and cloud services that offer high quality communication throughout Europe, and to support building and administering customers' IT platforms.

Service specification highlights

Base server V series, X series

Base server V series (virtual server) X series
(dedicated server)
Grade V10
CPU efficiency index
1 2 4 8 16 24
Memory 1GB 2GB 4GB 8GB 16GB 32GB(WS)
Disk capacity 40GB (iSCSI) 300GB (RAID1)
Disk additions
(separate fee options)
Up to two partitions of 100GB, 300GB, 500GB, 1TB
for each base server.
Network bandwidth 1Gbps (shared)
OS Windows Server / Cent OS

(*) 16 ICU = equivalent to 2 x 4 core

Virtualization Platform VW series (VMware vSphere ESXi Server)

Hypervisor VMware vSphere ESXi5
Enterprise Plus Edition
CPU cores 12
Memory 96GB
Network bandwidth 1Gbps (shared)
Data storage 500GB/1TB/1.5TB/2TB (iSCSI)

(*) Note: All company names and service names mentioned in this release are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.About IIJ Europe

IIJ Europe is a UK subsidiary of IIJ Exlayer Inc. which was established in June 2001 and became a consolidated subsidiary of IIJ in April 2012. The company name was changed to IIJ Europe Limited in April 2013. Based in London and Düsseldorf, the company uses its advanced technology to provide high-quality value-added systems integration services to Japanese and local companies establishing a base in Europe.

For more information about IIJ Europe, visit the IIJ Europe Web site at