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IIJ Group Develops Platform for J:COM Online Photo Album Service

dl button PDF [46 KB] 06 April 2010
Internet Initiative Japan Inc.
GDX Japan Inc.

TOKYO--April 6, 2010--Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, and GDX Japan Inc. (GDX Japan), IIJ's 51% owned subsidiary, today announced that they have jointly developed the platform for the new Web-based photo album service "@my Photo" launched by Jupiter Telecommunications Co., Ltd., (J:COM) on March 23, 2010.

@my Photo is an online photo album service provided to J:COM subscribers. Users can easily upload their photos and other data to the Web, and securely share that information with other people. Flexibility was a major requirement of this platform to enable the system to be quickly expanded when the number of users increased.
GDX Japan is best known as a provider of secure mail services and file transfer services using the GDX Trusted Platform, a messaging network for enterprises. This current project, however, employed the GDX Trusted Platform Web API(*)suite, database, and cloud storage to build the @my Photo platform in only 4 months. The use of cloud-based storage services enables customers to quickly start up a service for a low cost without the need to purchase any equipment, and if the number of users increases dramatically, or there is a surge in data volume uploaded by existing customers, the system can be easily scaled to meet demand.

On the @my Photo project, we also employed GDX's proprietary Cloud Aggregation Platform in order to integrate and use the necessary applications and data that resides on the cloud services of other providers as well as that residing on the customer's intranet. In addition, IIJ's network technology and the IIJ Managed VPN PRO Service were used to build a secure network environment so that J:COM's internal systems and the GDX cloud services suite could be integrated seamlessly.

The IIJ Group will continue its commitment to providing solutions for creating the most scalable, low-cost, and secure environment for enterprises using the GDX Trusted Platform and Cloud Aggregation Platform.

(*) API: Abbreviation for application programming interface. This is a collection of program functions and commands that can be used when developing software.

About GDX Japan

GDX Japan was established as a joint venture by Internet Initiative Japan and McAfee, Inc. in April 2007. The company matches the network technology and mail service administration expertise of the IIJ Group with the advanced messaging technology of McAfee to provide a secure messaging network environment that ensures the security and reliability that is so vital to today's corporations.