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IIJ Group Constructs a New IT Infrastructure and User Support Systems for INPEX CORPORATION's Offices in Europe and the Americas

dl button PDF [110 KB] 22 May 2014

Internet Initiative Japan Inc.
IIJ Global Solutions Inc.

TOKYO-May 22, 2014-Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, and its 100% owned subsidiary, IIJ Global Solutions Inc. (IIJ Global)-provider of WAN services for corporate clients- today announced that they have provided its global solutions to centralize user support systems (SPOC(*) administration) for overseas offices of INPEX CORPORATION (INPEX). A network that connects INPEX's corporate headquarters and five offices in Europe and the Americas, a cloud computing platform, and a multilingual help desk systems have been built by utilizing IIJ GIO US Service (a cloud computing service) and Net de! World (a global Internet VPN solution), etc.

INPEX IT Department is currently working to improve the IT environment in overseas. Previously, INPEX had encountered two issues with the IT infrastructure of its overseas offices in Europe and the Americas: The first was that the IT infrastructure had been designed at each location, without regard for standardization of security levels. The second was that-with no dedicated IT staff at these small overseas offices-it was limited to provide enough support from its headquarters in Japan. After investigating ways of strengthening IT governance in its overseas offices and user support systems, INPEX chose the IIJ Group. The IIJ Group boasts abundant experience deploying global solutions, such as providing comprehensive administration services-including the construction of cloud platform with connections among INPEX offices and Data Center (DC) -and providing IT support for overseas offices.

Beginning with its AD server, INPEX's core corporate systems were migrated to the IIJ GIO US Service cloud platform, the facilities for which are located in the DC managed by IIJ . Systems data were then synchronized with the data in its DC in Japan. Its offices in Europe and the Americas access the IIJ DC using the Internet VPN service, Net de! World. Accessing geographically close servers reduces data transfer latency, and users in its offices are able to use their systems in a highly stable network environment, just as users in the corporate headquarters do. Utilizing the Help Desk Support Service (offered in both Japanese and English) that is deployed across Europe and the Americas by IIJ America Inc., overseas users also receive IT support for office terminals and their peripherals, for networks, and for security, without experiencing any time differences.

Having introduced these services into its IT infrastructure and strengthened the IT governance of its overseas offices in Europe and the Americas, INPEX has made information sharing smoother and has improved local user satisfaction in the level of IT support received.

The IIJ Group will continue to support the growth of our customers' global business expansion by providing high value-added core IT services.

(*) SPOC: Single Point of Contact. A single point of contact for handling inquiries from users.

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