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IIJ Group Announces the Latest Cloud Services for IIJ GIO

dl button PDF [83 KB] 05 October 2009

TOKYO--October 5, 2009--Internet Initiative Japan, Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, today announced that it will build a cloud computing platform at data centers connected directly through IIJ's high-volume backbone network, and this will be used to deliver a line of newly developed cloud services under the name IIJ GIO.

Ahead of the emergence of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), which belongs to the cloud computing phenomenon, The IIJ Group has been offering its Integration & Business Platform Service (IBPS) since 2000, which enabled customers to add network resources and system resources on demand as an outsourced service. This newly built cloud platform consists of several thousands of servers, and this will be merged with the dynamic IBPS to provide IIJ GIO as a new cloud service. The first service, to be introduced in November 2009, is GIO Private, a private cloud service that is highly customizable to meet diverse needs. Following that in April 2010 will be GIO Public, a packaged, inexpensive public cloud service.

IIJ GIO highlights

1. Dynamic system structure created on a high-performance, feature-rich cloud platform

The most salient advantage of this new system is the incredible improvement in system structure flexibility made possible through the advanced service architecture built on virtualized technology. Customers build systems by selecting the server resources (CPU core, memory size, and disk size) that best meet the customer's necessary requirements. Until now, flexible system structure could only be achieved through system integration (SI), but now it can be provided as a low-cost service.

2. Due to operational efficiencies, prices start as low as JPY 8,000 per month

Open source software (OSS) is used for the OS and virtualized software, and by developing our own provisioning tool for controlling assignment of resources, and our own automated administrative tools for complex operations and monitoring, we achieve greater efficiency in both operations and cost. In addition to GIO services, IIJ's other service equipment is also being integrated into the cloud platform, and the savings on hardware acquisition costs are passed on to the customer as reasonable prices. A highly flexible and scalable cloud environment is now available for the low price of JPY 8,000 per month.

3. Two products: low-priced public service and highly-customizable private service

The customer can choose from the private service (GIO Private) and the public service (GIO Public) depending on the customer's needs. With GIO Private, customers can select from 3 types of fundamental server resources (virtual, dedicated, and stand-alone), as well as freely select the IT resources they need from a rich menu of options, such as OS, middleware and application development environment, to build the ideal cloud environment to fit their needs. With GIO Public, customers can select the necessary functions from a package menu to easily create a cloud environment.

4. Maintaining high quality and strong security

The IIJ Group has built up operations technology and expertise by providing network services to large government institutions and corporations using the data center as a platform, and now this experience is being leveraged to provide a cloud environment that is highly reliable as infrastructure for companies and that maintains a high level of security. Rather than building their own networks, companies can take full advantage of low-cost cloud computing and a system environment with a high level of service.

IIJ will also be actively seeking out alliances with cloud partners who can roll out PaaS and SaaS services on the IIJ GIO cloud infrastructure. Several partnerships are already moving forward, and their details will be announced soon.

Service Description

GIO Private(*1)
Basic server
  • Select from three server types on the service menu (virtual, dedicated, and stand-alone)
  • You can select the resource specifications (CPU, memory, disk space) to assign to the server that you selected
  • Administrative and operational services-ping monitoring, URL monitoring, and port monitoring come standard
Add-on menu(billed separately) Network Internet connection, DNS, firewall, etc.
Storage SAN, NAS, backup, etc.
Application platform Middleware, application development environment and administrative software, etc.
Operation, monitoring Log and process monitoring, fault notices, reports, etc.
GIO Public(*1)
Basic package plan
  • You can select from the following package plans to suit your needs
    • Basic package
    • Simple Web package
    • Security mail package
    • Business mail and Web package
    • LAMP Web package
    • Performance Web package, etc.
  • You can select the resource specifications (CPU, memory, disk space) to assign to the package plan that you selected
  • A shared max 100 Mbps network comes standard
Add-on menu(billed separately)
  • NAS, load balancing, firewall, mobile conversion, backup, secure mail, DNS, SSL certificate, VPN, monitoring, etc.

*1These service specifications are provisional and may change in the future.

Service fees

Services Monthly Fees
GIO Private Virtual server JPY 8,000 to 39,000
Dedicated server JPY 45,000
GIO Public Starting at JPY 8,000

* Add-on menu items are provided for an additional fee. Prices shown do not include tax.

The IIJ Group will regularly expand the line up of IIJ GIO services and provide our customer's with the highest quality cloud services to support their business infrastructure.